Ultimate Guide on How to Mask in Adobe Premiere Pro[2023] (2023)

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Sep 01, 2022• Proven solutions

Masking is a great way to target a particular area of an image with effects, cut parts out from the video, or hide specific elements of the footage from the front or behind with images. You can create amazing results using Adobe Premiere Pro mask.

In this article, we will let you know how to mask in Premiere easily.

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  • Part 1: How to Create a Mask in Premiere
  • Part 2: How To Edit A Mask Easily
  • Part 3: More Creative Masks in Premiere
  • Part 4: Premiere Pro Mask Troubleshooting

Part 1: How to Create a Mask in Premiere

Do you know how to create Mask in Premiere? The shape tools and the pen tools help to create Adobe premiere mask.

By Using Shape Tools

There are two shape masks, a square and a circle in Premiere. You can add both the shape masks to your video clip very easily with just one click.

For adding Adobe Premiere mask to a clip, once you finish editing clips in your sequence, in Effects Panel, you need to find the Crop effect. Add the crop effect to your clip for masking.

Now, when the crop effect is added in the Effects Control, you can find the drop-down to reveal the controls and choose from the rectangle and circle tool.

Click on any of the shapes, and in the Media Viewer, the Premiere Pro mask will be added to your video clip.

If you are happy with the form, the mask shape and size can be changed even within the Media Viewer. You can remove a few parts within the shot for creating the cropping effect by using the Crop Percentage in the Effects Control Panel.

If you wish to ensure where the effect was applied, is it within the mask or outside it, use the inverted checkbox for designating the effect at the right place.

By Using Pen Tools

With pen tools, you can draw complicated masks around any object you wish to. It can be of any shape. Just draw the mask with the pen tool adding straight and curved lines.

When you use the Bezier path segment, it becomes easier for you to create smoother curves that give you greater control of the mask shape.

A straight line with two vertex points is the simplest path that the pen tool can draw. When you keep clicking, the path is created with straight consecutive lines shaped from two vertexes.

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If you want to mask any video clip with any shape other than circle or square, the pen tool can be of great help. Directly draw on the media player over the video clip after selecting the pen tool.

One-click on the vertex point creates a corner point which gives a sharp angle to your shape. Using the handles, click and drag the point and create the curved edges.

Part 2: How To Edit A Mask Easily

The dotted line around the mask represents feathering that blends the soft edges of the mask with the rest of the clip. Next, the Expansion mask moves or expands the individual vertex, inward, or outward when it is already lined up.

So, before feathering, you may try expansion. Though not always, you may have to expand the mask while feathering because when a mask is feathered, the overall inward mask area can be shrinked.

Adjusting mask can be in two ways – Expansion and Feathering.

Across all the Adobe tools, Opacity works similarly that changes the cropped images opacity with the addition of the mask.

Get the desired look by clicking on the Effect Panel your Mask and tweak the values. You may also click the program monitor to adjust the values there. The circle at the end of the solid blue line from mask, lies the feathering control.

The expansion control is the square that lies just next to the circle. Drag each one in and out for adjusting the settings accordingly.

Part 3: More Creative Masks in Premiere

Blur Mask

If you are in a crowded area like Times Square and wish to hide a face or logo that is distracting your video clip, now you can do it instantly. You just need to Go to Effects and click on Gaussian Blur or Effects.

Next, from drop-down select Stylize, then, Mosaic, and finally apply it to your video clip. Once you do so, you need to go back to Effects Control and click on the Opacity tool to draw the mask around the parts of the clip to hide it. Inverting the mask lets you apply the mosaic or blur effect to the entire clip outside the masked line drawn.

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Use Vignette

The Lumetri Color Panel lets you create a basic vignette, but for customizing the vignette, you need to click on the clip and then the opacity tools by clicking on Effect Control.

From the opacity tool, you may draw a mask and apply it for changing size, shape, opacity, and feather as per your preferred requirements.

You may also create Premiere Pro masked vignette by creating a new black video layer. If you want it to be a separate color, you may color it matte and place it above the layer of video and then mask the layer with any choice of shapes. You can adjust the expansion and feather by inverting the mask and adjusting it accordingly.

You may note that when you click on the “circle” video effect under Effects, then click on Generate, and Circle, work when placed on your black matte/video layer.

But it is not as effective as the use of the Mask, and it adds an extra step. The colors, effects, brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. enhancement can be done with the use of the effects and filters, just like the use of mosaic and blur.

Whatever effect you wish to add, drag it on your video clip, and mask the effect to the area you want to enhance.

Part 4: Premiere Pro Mask Troubleshooting

1. Premiere Pro Mask Edges Not Showing

Are you unable the see the mask edges in Premiere Pro? If the mask works fine, you can resize, and rotate it, but just unable to see the path around, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Create a new project in Premiere Pro CC
  • Import the project file(.Prproj) created on Premiere Pro
  • Then, import & check the mask edges

If you are still unable to solve the issue, you may try to follow the location in the machine and go the Windows, C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\11.0 (Or).

If you are a Mac user, go to Documents > Adobe > Premiere Pro > 11.0.

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Then, rename the 11.0 folder to Old_11.0 and launch Premiere Pro.

Without opening any old project, create a new project in Premiere Pro and click on the Menu bar. From the drop-down, click on Windows, Workspace and then, Uncheck Import Workspace from Projects.

From the old project, you may check the Mask Edges.

2. Premiere Pro Mask Not Working

If you wish to use both the opacity mask and want them to act utterly transparent within their given shape in Premiere Pro, but unable to do so, you may duplicate the masked clip onto different tracks and delete the masks from the right-hand down corner tracks.

Now, to the same clip, add the track matte effect and reverse the matte referencing the masked clip. Below the track matte clip, you need to place the replacement clip. You also learn that if you nest one mask into the clip, you can add another mask upon the nested footage.


With Premiere Pro, you can streamline your workflow process, expand your production and editing skills, or use advanced techniques for editing. Now that you know how to mask in Adobe Premiere Pro, refine your video clips by hiding the unwanted.

Ultimate Guide on How to Mask in Adobe Premiere Pro[2023] (2)

Benjamin Arango

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Ultimate Guide on How to Mask in Adobe Premiere Pro[2023]? ›

You just need to Go to Effects and click on Gaussian Blur or Effects. Next, from drop-down select Stylize, then, Mosaic, and finally apply it to your video clip. Once you do so, you need to go back to Effects Control and click on the Opacity tool to draw the mask around the parts of the clip to hide it.

How do I mask in Premiere Pro 2023? ›

How to Mask a Video in Adobe Premiere Pro
  1. Create Mask. Open a sequence that contains the clip with the object you want to mask. ...
  2. Track Mask. Position the playhead at the beginning of the clip and position the mask in the program monitor so that it covers the subject's face. ...
  3. Send Mask to After Effects.
Feb 6, 2023

What are the types of masking in Adobe Premiere? ›

Premiere has two set shape masks: a circle and a square. Both of these can easily be added to your clip with a single click. With your clips edited in your sequence, locate the Crop effect in the Effects panel, and add it to the clip you wish to mask. In the Effects Control panel, you will see the crop effect added.

How to do masking in Adobe? ›

Just follow these steps.
  1. Select it: Select your layer or group in the Layers panel.
  2. Reveal it: For a revealing mask, click the Add Layer Mask button in the bottom of the Layers panel.
  3. Conceal it: For a concealing mask, Alt-click (PC) or Option-click (Mac) the Add Layer Mask button.
  4. Adjust it:

How do you create a layer mask? ›

Select the two images you want to mask and arrange them in two separate layers. Select a layer in the Layers panel and click the 'Add layer mask' button at the bottom of the panel. A white layer mask thumbnail will appear on the selected layer, revealing everything on the selected layer.

How to do easy fade-in and out Premiere Pro? ›

Apply the Film Dissolve effect

You can use the search box and type Film Dissolve to find it quickly, or you can follow the path Effects > Video Transitions > Dissolve > Film Dissolve. To apply the fade-in and out transitions, click on Film Dissolve and drag it to the beginning of the clip for a fade-in entrance.

How do I fade an image in and out in Premiere Pro? ›

To add fade in Premiere Pro, navigate Effects > Video Transitions > Dissolve > Film Dissolve. Fade in and out can be done using Film Dissolve found in the Video transitions folder.

What is the difference between layer and layer masking? ›

Basically, a layer mask controls a layer's transparency. Layer masks use a single mask that is applied to a single image and that allows to hide portions of a layer while exposing other layers positioned underneath. This is performed by adjusting the layer's transparency and opacity through a mask.

What is a clipping mask in Adobe? ›

A clipping mask is a group of layers to which a mask is applied. The bottommost layer, or base layer, defines the visible boundaries of the entire group. For example, suppose you have a shape in the base layer, a photograph in the layer above it, and text in the topmost layer.

What is mask format? ›

A format mask is a character string that can be used to define how data is to be displayed or printed in PxPlus (see PRINT directive). Masks can also be applied to filter data being received from the keyboard (see INPUT directive) or in the conversion/validation of a string (see STR( ) function).

How to do masking in editing? ›

To mask them, you have to duplicate the layer, select it, go to the Effects Control Panel, and select the Pen tool in the Opacity section. From there, you draw around an area you can use to mask the unwanted object.

Where is the mask panel in Adobe? ›

Open the photo you want to edit in the Detail panel. Click the Masking icon to open the Masking panel. Apply Select Subject or Select Sky masks based on your photo and apply local adjustments. You can also apply the Adaptive Presets for Subject and Sky from the Premium Presets menu.

Why does my Premiere Pro not have effects? ›

Well first of all, if you don't see your effect controls panel in Premiere Pro, head over to the workspace tab in the menu and select effect controls. The first thing you will notice in the panel is a lot of numbers, but how do they work? We'll start with the motion controls.

Why can't i see the effects panel in Premiere Pro? ›

To reach the Effects panel, go to Window> >Effects. You can see the Effects panel in the snapshot below.

What is the Ultra Key effect? ›

The Ultra Key effect can be used to set any color in an image to become transparent and offers additional controls to refine the result. Use the Output menu to view the Composite Image, the Alpha Channel, or the Color Channel for the applied Ultra Key effect.

How do I cover a green screen in Premiere Pro? ›

Use the Ultra Key tool.

Once your footage is narrowed down, use the Ultra Key tool in Adobe Premiere Pro to key out the background. Open the Effects panel and then the Ultra Key tab. Use the Eyedropper tool to choose your key color, selecting an area on the green or blue screen.

Do professionals color grade in Premiere? ›

The most popular editing suites improve their color grading tools with each update. From DaVinci Resolve to Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, all have the resources to color grade without needing an external plugin.

Is color grading better in Premiere or resolve? ›

Color Grading and Correction

If your video editing work involves a lot of color grading, then DaVinci Resolve is a much better option. It comes fully prepared with a wide variety of options for advanced effects and careful color work. Premiere Pro, on the other hand, is less of a color grading whiz.

How do I add an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro 2023? ›

Adding an adjustment layer to your project is very simple. Right-click on anywhere in your Project Folder Panel. Then, New Item > Adjustment Layer. The adjustment layer will be created in the Project Panel and ready for use in your timeline.

How do I get more effects in Premiere Pro? ›

How to Add Effects in Premiere Pro
  1. Locate the point the two clips meet.
  2. Choose the transition you wish to use from the Effects tab.
  3. Drag the transition to the point between the two.
  4. Drag the ends of the FX layer out to create the length of the transition.
  5. Use the Effects Control panel to adjust your transition.
Feb 13, 2019

How do I fade out an image in Premiere Pro? ›

To add fade in Premiere Pro, navigate Effects > Video Transitions > Dissolve > Film Dissolve. Fade in and out can be done using Film Dissolve found in the Video transitions folder.


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