Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods (2023) - (2023)

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods (2023) - (1)

Last Updated on 19 January, 2023

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Saving, Bow Dot, Cheat Mod, Unlimited Weight, Stay Clean, Instant Herb and more


  • 1 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Saving Mod
  • 2 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Bow Dot Reticle Mod
  • 3 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Cheat Mod
  • 4 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Weight Mod
  • 5 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Stay Clean Longer Mod
  • 6 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Instant Herb Picking Mod
  • 7 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Sectorial Lockpicking Mod
  • 8 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Henry’s Face Customization Mod
  • 9 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – No Helmet Vision Mod
  • 10 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – More Responsive Targeting Mod
  • 11 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Richer Merchants Mod
  • 12 Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Optimized Graphic Presets Mod
  • 13 Roads are Dangerous Mod
  • 14 Perkaholic Mod
  • 15 A Sorted Inventory Mod
  • 16 Texture Streaming Improvements Mod

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Saving Mod

This mod will allow you to save anytime the game would normally allow you to save, without using up your Saviour Schnapps, basically giving you unlimited saves.

Download the Unlimited Saving Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Bow Dot Reticle Mod

A simple console command in a .cfg file that gives you a dot for aiming with instead of it disappearing when you draw your bow.

If you already have a user.cfg already (for disabling vsync for example) then add this line to the file:

(Video) The Best Mods In Kingdom Come Deliverance

Download the Bow Dot Reticle Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Cheat Mod

Adds console commands to spawn/teleport/kill NPCs, unlimited F5 quicksave, auto run console commands on game start, manipulate money, buffs, items, perks, skills, stats, stolen items, time, weather, wanted level, merchants, recipes, access stash from anywhere.

Download the Cheat Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Unlimited Weight Mod

This mod expands the character’s maximum carry weight to 999999999. It should only work with version 1.9.1 (I tested the mod only with this version). You can edit the values yourself by renaming the .pak file to .zip, open it (with something like 7-Zip, WinRAR or any other software that can read an archive) and edit the rpg_param.xml file (with something like Notepad, WordPad, Notepad++ or anything like that), find this line : <row rpg_param_key=”BaseInventoryCapacity” rpg_param_value=” and change the value by the one you want. You can now save and close the .xml file then rename back the .zip into .pak again.

Download the Unlimited Weight Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Stay Clean Longer Mod

This is a simple mod to keep your clothes clean for a longer distance. They will get dirty gradually and you need to wash them, but not as often as in the base game.

Download the Stay Clean Longer Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Instant Herb Picking Mod

This mod makes herbpicking instant. It will now take you not even a single second to pick up new herbs. Compatible with all mods that wont change dialog cameras & animations. You do not need my other mod “First-person Herb Picking” for this to work.

(Video) Die Besten MODS in 2022 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Download the Instant Herb Picking Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Sectorial Lockpicking Mod

Lockpicking system in KKD is one of the things you wouldn’t like from the first time. The game use the system similar to Bethesda’s LP (since Fallout 3) but make it much more harder because of empty LP-wheel.
I’ve decided to make it a bit more easier – so, meet my first KKD mod – Sectorial Lockpicking (next – SLP)

Download the Sectorial Lockpicking Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Henry’s Face Customization Mod

Some options for Henry’s face (face, hair and eyes)

  • 3 head replacers (Hans, Charlatan and Stranger);
  • 12 face textures (for all heads);
  • 5 hairstyle replacers (for all heads);
  • 9 eyes textures(for Henry only);
  • “No beard” optional mod for Henry (removes the 3d model of beard from Henry’s face);
  • “Hans to Stranger” optional mod, for those who want to play as Hans but do not want the “real” Hans to be your twin 🙂

Download the Henry’s Face Customization Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – No Helmet Vision Mod

Removes helmet vision.

Download the No Helmet Vision Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – More Responsive Targeting Mod

This is a simple config file that tweaks some of the game settings to allow you more control over who you’re targeting and how you want to maneuver during a fight. Currently this is only tested for Keyboard & Mouse controls, but I am going to look into testing with my Gamepad later.

(Video) Kingdom Come Deliverance In 2023 Is Frustratingly Amazing...

Download the More Responsive Targeting Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Richer Merchants Mod

Increases the wealth of all merchants to your liking. In-game all merchants should now have the amount of wealth you chose after the next reset cycle. I’m unsure what the exact timer for the cycle is, I waited a day and I saw the changes take effect.

Download the Richer Merchants Mod > Here

Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Mods – Optimized Graphic Presets Mod

Better perf, shadows, grass, antialiasing, …

Download the Optimized Graphic Presets Mod > Here

Roads are Dangerous Mod

Makes fast travelling more dangerous by increasing the number of ambushes and adding new types of enemies. This module will increase the number of enemies of each encounters, aswell as adding new encounters to the game. The current version adds 3 new encounters:

  • Guard Deserters– After the Skalitz attack many guards feared the same would happen in their cities and decided to desert and form a band of bandits.
  • Berserkers–Big guys followed by their minions. They are tough and big, somesuperstitiousfolks say they have giant blood running in their veins.
  • Merry Lads–A group of outlaws dressed as nobles that prey on the rich travelling the roads of Bohemia. They aren’t very courageous when it comes to big threats and prefer to fight at distance using their bows (some don’t even know how to fight with swords).

Download the Roads are Dangerous Mod > Here

Perkaholic Mod

Adds additional perks to existing perk lists as well as adding perks to the Bow, Polearm and Unarmed skills. See Perk Overview article for more details.

(Video) Mod Recommendation - Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Better Combat and Immersion Compilation

Download the Perkaholic Mod > Here

A Sorted Inventory Mod

This mod renames 99% of the items in the game files (both used and unused) with a rudimentary categorisation system. This is done by adding ‘tags’ at the start of the name of each item that groups them together when the inventory is sorted alphabetically

Download the A Sorted Inventory Mod > Here

Texture Streaming Improvements Mod

Console Commands and Variables configuration that aims to improve texture streaming and remove texture pop-in. The tweaks below try to force the game to preserve the textures for longer instead of discarding them almost immediately, they also increase the LOD levels so that your PC has enough time to load new textures before you reach them.

Download the Texture Streaming Improvements Mod > Here

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What is PTF mod? ›

PTF stands for Patched Table Files. Instead of overwriting the whole table the game uses, it patches and overwrites only the added/altered entries so mods that alter the same tables are compatible with each other.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance a success? ›

Kingdom Come: Deliverance received "generally favorable" reviews from critics for the PC version, while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions received "mixed or average" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic.

Are there mods for Kingdom Come: Deliverance? ›

Kingdom Come Deliverance has plenty of interesting mods out there. These are the best ones you can get right now. The fact that Warhorse Studios decided upon an extremely ambitious and realistic open-world medieval RPG as their first game is something that definitely needs to be commended.

What should we not do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? ›

Don't Get Into Tough Combat Situations or Fight Too Many Opponents. As much as we all want Henry to be an unstoppable badass hero that saves the land of Bohemia, at the end of the day, he's still a peasant. To simple blacksmith's son, combat can be brutal, unforgiving, and downright unfair.

What is SVE mod? ›

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) is an extensive mod for Stardew Valley created by FlashShifter. It includes a large number of new locations, events, location descriptions, and maps, in addition to reimagined festivals and other miscellaneous additions. SVE also includes a remastered version of Immersive Farm 2.

What is cloud mod? ›

MODCloud is a public cloud platform for Defence which hosts applications, data and related services.

Does Kingdom Come: Deliverance have NSFW? ›

There is one sex scene but bare in mind this is a skip be cut scene . This is the one sex related scene but it is completely skippable. Henry can also upgrade his character to help talking to woman. Definitely make your child skip this scene.

Can you become a lord in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? ›

To quote the developers of the game that I found on a forum; 'Mediaeval times was not a time of fair rules, and we want to show that in our game, so: no, you will have no chance to become a lord. It was not that easy in real life. Mighty people do not want to share their power.

Is Warhorse Studios next game? ›

Warhorse Studios

Should I throw dung Kingdom Come? ›

Unfortunately, throwing dung will lower your reputation. Head to Deutsch's house, speak with his wife to send her away, and then enjoy the cutscene of the poop-throwing. Some other German's will appear, fight them, and then run away. Head back to Kunesh's house and wait for your friends behind the shed.

Can you build your own castle in Kingdom Come: Deliverance? ›

No, it's a story based game and the character in the story does not get a castle.

Should I report to Sir Radzig? ›

Back in Merhojed, report your progress to Sir Radzig, making sure that you say the dialogue responses in top-to-bottom order. When Sir Radzig asks how many bandits there are, say: “There's a lot of them.” Then when Sir Radzig asks you what the archers' positions are like, say: “They're positioned well.”

Is Radzig Henry's father? ›

During the quest "The Die is Cast", Henry is kidnapped by Sir Istvan Toth, who reveals that Henry's true father is Sir Radzig Kobyla, who has been training and helping Henry throughout the whole game. Kobyla eventually confirms this, revealing that Henry is his illegitimate son.

How old is Henry of Skalitz? ›

He is anywhere between 14-18.

How long is Kingdom Come: Deliverance 100 %? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is about 41 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 128 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Why am i not unlocking Crimson Badlands? ›

In order to unlock it, the player must complete the Enchanted Grove questline, which requires they have seen Marlon's Galaxy Sword event, met Alesia at the Adventurer's Guild, removed the boulder blocking the Summit, and reached the caldera of the Ginger Island volcano.

Does NPC map locations work with SVE? ›

*SVE added built-in NPC Locations compatibility in SVE 1.12.

What is mod IO used for? › is a middleware platform that powers user-generated content for video games. Trusted by more than 14 million users for successful integration with over 130 games, can be utilized across PCs, consoles, mobiles, and virtual-reality devices.

Do hackers use the cloud? ›

Cybersecurity researchers detail attacks that exploit legitimate cloud services in attempts to access sensitive data.

Is installing mods safe? ›

Never download mods from sources you don't trust and remember that modding is just like running any other program on your computer, even if it's just a simple . dll file you put in the game's folder it's possible that it is a virus and does a whole load of nasty things to your PC.

Can you get hacked in the cloud? ›

When something is stored in the cloud, you don't have direct control over that file (or application). If someone manages to guess your password or finds a way to hack in, all your data could be compromised.

Can you marry Lady Stephanie? ›

You won't be able to court Lady Stephanie until you've started the Awakening quest in Rattay. After this point you can start your courtship of Lady Stephanie by returning to her in Talmberg Castle and visiting her.

Can you get married in KCD? ›

Where you can marry any girl that you desire and having children. It is like you are starting the family. Overtime, your children will grow up and become adult. Also, Interacting with the girl you like to marry would be good and after the marriage, you can still interact with your wife and children.

Can you have kids in KCD? ›

You have the choice of immortal children, no children, or not being available for sale in some regions.

Can you become a Lord by owning land? ›

If you own a parcel of land within your own country, you may be referred to as Lord or Lady of that particular piece of real estate! If you've always wanted to be referred to as a Lord or Lady, one of the first steps is to make sure you have the title on a piece of legal documentation.

Do you need land to be a Lord? ›

Lord Title Origins

Many people associate being a Lord or Lady with land ownership. However, becoming a Lord and Lady is not always attached to owning or inheriting land.

Can Henry become a noble? ›

Yes, I stated at the beginning of this thread that he is recognized as a Nobleman after Sir Radzig Kobyla accepts Henry as his legitimate.

Is KCD a AAA game? ›

"KCD is an attempt of bridging the two: it is an indie game at heart – more hardcore, more demanding, more fierce – but with the visuals and production values of AAA game." said Klima.

Does KCD continue after ending? ›

Yes, after you beat the main game there's an epilogue part where it tells you to go play through side quests. When you want to officially end the game you just talk to a dude.

Is Kingdom Come: Deliverance a AAA game? ›

Warhorse Studios would've liked more time and resources to polish Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but iterates that it's not a full AAA game. Although Kingdom Come: Deliverance is priced as as a full AAA game on Steam, the studio that made it is quick to affirm the game is a blend of indie and AAA quality.

How can I get money from Kunesh? ›

3. go to your friends. speak with them. beat up kunesh and he'll give you the key and stuff.

How to get friends to help with kunesh? ›

By the way, you don't have to fight Kunesh, but if you want to be able to ask your friends for help, visit kunesh BEFORE visiting your friends. You'll then have a dialog option saying that you'll help them throw poo, but need their help after.

What is the difference between PTF and regular? ›

A. PTFs are career carriers who are a part of the regular work force and have flexible work hours rather than a fixed schedule. PTFs are identified by USPS designation-activity code 43-4 on their PS Form 50, Notification of Personnel Action and in the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS).

What does PTF mean at work? ›

Part-time flexible (PTF) letter carriers Q-and-A.

What is PTF payroll? ›

A Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) must be completed for all employee transactions. The department initiating the PTF should complete all appropriate fields on the PTF.

Can PTF be on call? ›

When awarded a bid/opt assignment the PTF assumes the duty hours and non-scheduled day of the assignment as if he or she was the regular Carrier. All regular assignments/routes will be for a minimum of forty (40) hours per week. CAN PTF'S BE “ON CALL”? – No.


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