How to Disable Vehicle GPS Tracking: Learn to Trick a GPS Tracker (2023)

GPS trackers are little devices that can be pre-installed in or carried by a moving vehicle to monitor where the car is going and what it’s doing. With this information, thieves will never be able to get away with stealing your ride because they know exactly when and who stole their prized possession! Please read this content to know the followings-

  • How can you tell if your car has a GPS tracker on it?
  • Can you disable a car tracking device?
  • How to disable vehicle GPS tracking

How can you tell if your car has a GPS tracker on it?

It’s a terrible feeling when someone installs an undetectable GPS tracker on your car without telling you. But, even if it never ends up happening to you, is there any harm in installing one of these devices that can be tracked from anywhere with the click of a button?

Check the wheels:

When you’re looking for a GPS tracker, check the wheels of your vehicle first. You are more likely to find it there than anywhere else in the car.

Check the dashboard:

The dashboard is among the second places to check when looking for a GPS tracker on your car. It’s usually located in plain sight, so it should be easy to spot with just a glance.

Check the bumpers:

A GPS tracker can be placed in the front or rear bumpers, but avoid removing any wires as they may disrupt power to important car sensors.

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Check the undercarriage:

If possible, turn your car on and get under the front of it to check for any mechanical problems. If you’re unable to do this, crawl underneath with a flashlight in hand so that you can see if there are leaks or other issues below the frame. The GPS tracker is rendered useless when cars sit low enough to block its connection from satellites overhead; however, checking for signs of trouble may help identify what’s wrong!

Check the door side:

Be careful not to make it obvious that you check for a GPS tracker by the door side. If one is found, be sure to take note of the specific location and remove the device immediately with specialized tools designed just for this purpose.

Can you disable a car tracking device?

Devices such as GPS devices can be disabled if tracked. Therefore, it is important to remove the device and dispose of it so that you don’t continue broadcasting your location, putting others in danger by giving away their position.

So that people can’t locate you, it’s important to remove the GPS tracking device and dispose of it. You should remove any label on your phone, too, so they don’t know what kind of cellphone you have.

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How to disable vehicle GPS tracking

The fear of being tracked by your car has become a huge concern for some.

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One of the best features of GPS devices is their ability to track your exact location. However, this feature can be used for tracking purposes by someone who wants to know where you are at all times and no matter how far away from them that may be.

Suppose you feel like a person or company has been using these gadgets as a tracker on purpose in order to find out where they could potentially harm you. In that case, you must disable vehicle GPS tracking so only authorized people have access to see exactly what time and date information being transmitted back from your device every minute of every day!

Step 1: Go, search the GPS locator

Have you been searching all over for your GPS locator? This can be quite challenging as the device is small enough to fit in a matchbox. The tracker may also be rectangular like other devices such as Smartphones and music players that are popular today! Luckily, newer models come with built-in batteries, so if it’s what you’re looking for, then don’t worry about finding its power source.

Step 2: Use a GPS Detector Device

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One of the tools you need when planning to disable an installed and activated GPS tracker is a spy or GPS detector device. This can be used when locating your car’s tracker has proved difficult, but it may cost you more than other methods if all else fails. You might find them at physical or online stores for purchase, too!

Step 3: Turn the GPS detector device ‘ON’

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Find the lost car with this device. It has a full scanning mode that will detect it is within 5 meters radius and a flashing light when detected.

Step 4: Scan the car twice

You might think that you have a clean slate, but no one can be sure. It’s always best to scan your car twice before leaving it unattended for the day or night. Please do this at different times as not all tracking devices transmit the signal without intervals and may only do so when they feel like it!

Step 5: Remove the GPS tracker if found

If you find yourself in a situation where there is an electronic device that needs to be disabled, it’s important to take the battery out and detach the tracker from your car.

What happens if you remove GPS tracker on your car?

You could tear your car up the way you want it! Of course, you will be in breach of contract with the manufacturer, but if that doesn’t bother you, then go nuts.

If there’s one thing everyone loves to do on their own time, it’s tearing stuff apart and violating warranties. The only catch is that when something goes wrong, they’re left paying for a repair bill themselves without any help from insurance or warranty companies.

Does aluminum foil block GPS signal?

As criminals have learned that wrapping a GPS device in aluminum foil can make the tracking points untraceable and disappear, school science demonstrations show how this material blocks radio waves and silence radios. One recent incident involved a man who was also charged with tampering with his own GPS device; he had wrapped it up using metalized coated paper because he didn’t want anyone knowing where he would be at all times.

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How to trick a GPS tracking device?

Step 1: Locate your car and watch its location on the map

Locating a GPS antenna is easy, as it can be found in many places such as vehicles or Smartphones. The receiver, however, might not always be so accessible due to how small they are, but you’ll find receivers in things like laptops too! When searching for either of these two devices, look near antennas first before moving into more remote areas of where you’re looking.

Step 2: Wrap the antenna with standard 0.2mm aluminum foil

To protect your electronic devices from the electromagnetic waves emitted by a GPS tracking device, wrap them in aluminum foil. It will work if you use two layers of it and cover all parts that are emitting signals, such as the antennae and receiver, with one layer each.

Step 3: Wrap a layer of duct tape to block the foil

When wrapping a GPS antenna in aluminum foil, make sure to secure the wrap with duct tape. It’s best to place this object on something stationary and out of sight from the wind so you won’t have any issues while driving or be distracted by it moving around.

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Where do car dealerships put GPS trackers?

It’s not just the legality of a GPS tracking device that you need to consider when buying your next vehicle. Even if it isn’t installed by someone else, most automobiles will have some sort of satellite navigation/assistance package in them already, which functions as its tracker. So if you’re behind on payments or whatever other reason and they want to find where your car is for any given time period (assuming this is finance), all they have to do is contact service providers who can locate the signal from their location.

  • A GPS tracking device is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep tabs on your fleet. Installed in a variety of places, such as under floor mats or seats, this tracker can be installed virtually anywhere with ease! However, it’s usually more convenient for fleet purposes if you install them through an OBD port, which allows complete access during inspection periods when drivers are servicing their vehicles.
  • Aging cars often have outdated onboard computers, which means that mechanics can’t use OBD ports to run diagnostics or offer real-time information on vehicle performance. However, suppose a car has an available port and is not too old. In that case, the mechanic will provide these services while also offering other valuable insights into how your engine works.
  • The insurance company that gives discounts to safe drivers has made it possible for fleet managers who want the best of both worlds. However, the OBD tracking devices are now so common, and not all ones work beneficially. Therefore, fleet managers should carefully consider what they need from their systems before choosing which one will be right for them.

Final thought

The use of GPS tracking has risen in recent years, but is it worth the risk? It can be used to help solve crimes and find lost people or pets. But some users have taken this technology too far by violating other’s privacy rights or taking illegal actions. When you notice a tracker installed on your car, ask for permission from its owner about how they are using their device before blindly following where he/she leads. However, I have covered the topic “How to disable vehicle GPS tracking” in this guide.

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