8 Best & FREE Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2023! (2023)

I'm a huge believer in disconnecting every once in a while to enjoy life!

Hiking is a great way to exercise, release stress, and enjoy the outdoors all while disconnecting from the digital world. Spending time outside is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body, and there’s no better way to get out in nature than hiking new trails.

But at the same time, we cannot ignore the huge variety of tools that helps elevate your experience hiking or trailing outdoors.

Helpful tools within trail maps, navigation apps, and tracking apps, contain features such as camera-based rangefinder, GPS location navigator,and detailed hiking map helps you hike and participate in outdoor activities like a pro.

These hiking apps are excellent tools that you can use on your smartphones to make your hike as smooth and enjoyable as it can be.

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Besides, you no longer need to pack a backpack full of tools to help you with longer hikes. All you’ll need is your smartphone with a few hiking apps downloaded.

But with the vast amount of hiking and trail apps available on the market, how do you know which is the best to download?

From finding new trails to learning about must-see sights at a location, the best hiking apps can definitely help make your experiences more memorable.

In this post, we’ll cover the best hiking apps for you to use for the ultimate adventure! And don’t worry, most of the items here are free hiking apps (or at least they have a free version).

Let’s dive in!

What are the best apps for hiking?

So what is the best app for hikers?

From sharing custom trails with friends to navigation features to help you find your way on a mountain, the answer depends on your needs.

That’s why we’ve broken down six different but totally versatile types of hiking apps and explained the pros and cons of each app.

These apps are great tools to complement a travel planner app for when you need help finding the perfect hike as a tourist or for organizing local trips in your own neck of the woods!

Of course, if you’re new to the hiking world and looking for some advice, be sure to study the top hiking tips so you can feel at ease and prepared when planning your next adventure!

Here are the 8 best & free hiking apps you won’t regret downloading, each with their specialties!

  1. 🎯 Best overall free hiking app: AllTrails
  2. 🌎 Best hiking GPS app: Gaia GPS
  3. 🗺 Best hiking guide app: FarOut (aka Guthook by Atlas Guides)
  4. 🥾 Best trekking app: PeakVisor
  5. 🕹 Best hiking AR-navigation app: Spyglass
  6. ⛰ Best hiking trails app to discover new trails: Hiking Project
  7. ⛑ Best hiking safety app: Cairn
  8. 💫 Best "You probably already have it" hiking app: Google Maps

Along with many honorable mentions to consider downloading!

Which one should you choose? What is the best free hiking app? What’s the best hiking and GPS-integrated app? What’s the best hiking app for finding new trails, safety, or getting around different terrains? Read on to find out!

Top 8 hiking apps to download in 2023!

8. Google Maps (iOS and Android: Free)

An app that certainly needs no introduction, Google Maps is a general purpose navigation and map tool app that helps you locate restaurants, gas stations, your friends home,and also hiking trails.

Google maps app help travelers and hikers plan their outdoor excursions ahead with their advanced precise location navigation feature, along with their ability to download maps or regions for offline access.

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To download offline maps for easy access, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on your profile picture on the top right corner of the app

2. Click on the "Offline maps" feature.

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3. Click "Select your own map", and choose the region you'd like to download for offline access.

4. Wait for the download!

Once its done, you'll be able to access it on the app as usual. Keep in mind that the larger your region selected is, the bigger the file size it'll be on your phone's storage!

Google maps is great for a general purpose app if you wouldn't want to pay or download another app, but the app comes with many limitations that some other hiking apps have. This includes access to user-generated trails or less popular trails, limited rangefinder capabilities, no peak identification, and more.

Google Maps is available on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

🔥 Why We Love Google Maps!

Google does a great job at combining everything you'll need in one app, and Google Maps is no different. You can look up reviews of your favorite resturant and search for your next weekend hiking trail, all in the same app.

Plus, it's great to have such a powerful tool almost everyone around the world has without having to pay a dime.

7. Cairn (iOS and Android: Free / $26.99 Annually)

Cairnis a hiking and walking route app that can help you stay safe during your adventures.

You can use the app to share your real-time progress and location with family or friends for their peace of mind and yours too!

Cairn helps you plan routes by offering helpful estimates of how long you will take to complete a particular trail based on personalized data and points out areas with weak cell reception.

If you take longer than expected for your hike, the app also notifies your emergency contacts to let them know.

The premium version of the app lets you use its features offline and automatically sends live updates to your contacts.

Cairn is available on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store.

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🔥 Why We Love the Cairn Hiking App!

Hiking is super fun but can also be dangerous if you're exploring unknown paths or unfamiliar areas. Cairn helps you get home safely and get back to where you need to be.

6. Hiking Project (IOS and Android, Free)

Hiking Projectis the best free hiking app that uses community-sourced content to help you pick and choose the perfect trail.

Users submit information like route descriptions, images, and reviews that are then vetted by an in-house team before they are added to the app.

The hiking app basically functions as a living guidebook that is constantly updated with new information and more reviews.

Plus, Hiking Project works offline, so you can use it literally anywhere your explorations may take you.

You can learn more about the Hiking Project app with ourHiking Project reviewthat grades the quality of the app and goes into detail about the unique features so you can get the best out of it!

Hiking Project is available on both the iOS and Android stores.

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🔥 Why We Love the Hiking Project Hiking App!

All info on Hiking Project is contributed by real hikers who have actually "tested" the trails they write about. Hence, the app includes useful tips that aren't on just any website.

The Hiking Project is the best hiking app to learn specific things like how much water to bring or the best place to park your car to start off a particular hike right.

Another amazing bonus is that the app is free, and it doesn't have any built-in annoying pop-up advertisements, which makes for a great user experience.

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5.Spyglass (iOS and Android: $3.99)

Spyglass is a secretly awesome hiking rangefinder app for outdoor navigation. While it’s not a free hiking app, it’s a one-time fee of $5.99 is more than palatable and definitely worth it.

With modern features like augmented-reality navigation, the app operates in 3D, shows you real-time object locations, and overlays directions over images and maps. Additionally, you're able to use its rangefinder feature to measure the distance of milestones on the trial. It’s definitely one of the best hiking apps that utilize AR navigation to help with elevation tracking.

Spyglass also has the power to turn your phone into a GPS receiver, altimeter, speedometer, star finder, coordinate converter, a pair of binoculars, and more.

SpyGlass is available on both the iOS and Android stores.

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🔥 Why We Love the Spyglass Hiking App!

Spyglass’s gazillion features will turn you into a proficient navigator and explorer in no time!

What’s more, the advanced object-location data features can really elevate your wildlife-spotting or star-gazing experiences.

4. PeakVisor (iOS and Android: Free / 29.99$ Annually)

Attention budding mountaineers and mountain trekkers—this app is for you! I personally think this is a underrated app that's both cool and useful!

PeakVisor is a 3D maps and peaks Identification app that contains information about more than 1 million peaks all over the world and helps you identify the ones you find during your trips. It's definitely one of the best, if not the best, hiking + trekking visualization and identification apps out there!

From Mount Everest to that small hill you can see in the distance, PeakVisor uses your phone's location and camera to label the peaks you are looking at. The days of using your compass and map to triangulate different peaks are long gone!

PeakVisor is available for free and with a pro premium subscription. While the free version covers most of the functionalities, the pro version will allow you to do all of that, offline with no cell service.

PeakVisor is available in both iOS and Android stores.

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🔥 Why We Love the PeakVisor hiking App!

Hiking is as much about discovery and exploration as it is about health. PeakVisor does just that!

With the integrated features like labeling and recording past peaks, you'll be able to revisit all of the mountain peaks you've conquered over the years and rightfully flex to all of your friends and family!

It's also incredibly resourceful to be able to identify the different hills and peaks outdoors as opposed to just calling it "that peak"!

Alternative to PeakVisor: PeakFinder

If you're looking for an alternative to PeakVisor, give its alternative Peak Finder a try!

With almost all of the functionalities similar to PeakVisor, Peak Finder comes at a cheaper one-time fee of $4.99 USD. In addition, PeakFinder also has some amazing functionalities like dark mode and birds eye view, which allows you to view peaks vertically!

With PeakFinder, you'll also be able to label mountains and places of interest you'd like and see solar and lunar orbits with rise and set times.

PeakFinder is available on both the iOS and Android stores.

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3. FarOut Guides App (Formerly GutHook Guides by Atlas Guides, iOS and Android: Free)

FarOut Guides app, originally and more popularly known as Guthook Guide app, is a hiker favorites when it comes to long-distance hiking, backpacking, and survival camping.

FarOut Guides was built by former thru-hikers who found a need for a offline access map and guide that can help them traverse various terrains to accomplish a long distance trail.

While FarOut Guides is free, you'll need to buy each trail's information and guides individually. Famous trails include but not limited to the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalacian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, or the ultimate America's Triple Crown trails.

Key features include an offline map and GPS location access, elevation profile views, detailed waypoint, and town guides such as campsites, water sources, trailheads, parking, and more. You're also able to create your own custom route and waypoints for your trip, and read other hikers' real-time comments!

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The FarOut app offers some demo trails if you're hesitant about paying for the app. FarOut is available on iOS and Android.

🔥 Why We Love FarOut / GutHook!

Speaking of an app that focuses on winning the hearts of the community it's serving!

Guthook is an app that delivers what it can provide. Detailed guides, including all of the information you'll possibly need in one app, with offline access, with customization options available.

What's not to love? It's definitely a worthy app to buy trails from and use during thru-hikes!

2. Gaia GPS (iOS and Android: Free / $19.99 or $47.88/year with Outside+)

Gaia, or Gaia GPS, is another super popular hiking app within the hiking community. With Gaia, you can find and explore new trails, see and save hiking/trekking statistics, and record your routes.

One of the most prominent features of Gaia is its comprehensive GPS feature, combining different types of maps like topographic and satellite maps for you to route and record your trails. I personally think this is a powerful tool for any outdoor adventures you might want to partake in!

With the paid version of Gaia GPS, you'll get access to offline maps and Gaia's entire map catalog. Recently, Gaia GPS partnered with Outside+ for their new annual premium version. Gaia GPS's annual version includes additional maps for skiing, mountain biking, and backpacking, which is great for frequent hikers, backpackers, and backcountry trekkers.

Alternative: If you're looking for GPS apps for other outdoor sports like mountain biking or backpacking, give Komoot a try! It's an alternative map routing platform that helps you plan action-specific routes in advance.

Make sure to read the full review of Gaia GPS if you'd like to learn more about the hiking app or purchase their memberships!

8 Best & FREE Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2023! (9)

🔥 Why we love Gaia GPS!

While no smartphone app can replace a GPS device or paper map-based navigation, Gaia GPS is definitely the closest that replicates precise navigation.

What we love about Gaia GPS is the versatility and quality of its free version! From weather forecasting to routing and planning out trail routes, you can do more than just hike with Gaia GPS.

Gaia GPS is available on bothiOSandAndroid.

1. AllTrails (iOS and Android: Free / $29.99 annually)

AllTrails is one of the all-around best hiking apps for novices and experts alike. All it takes is a few taps on your phone to find curated hiking, biking, and running trails for various lengths and difficulty levels.

The app also lets you create custom trail maps, follow friends’ activities and read trail reviews from its user community. AllTrails hiking app is great because of the community-created database of useful information on different trails, as well as new off-the-beaten-path trails!

For more advanced hikers, AllTrails also provide information such as elevation gain and trailhead location, and time. AllTrails app also tracks and records the hikes you've done, including the exact route you took, the elevation gain you've achieved, and how long it took for you to complete the trail.

While the app’s premium paid version has additional features like offline off-route/3D navigation, and real-time overlays, the free version offers more than enough for most casual explorers.

By the way... If you're looking to get the AllTrails Pro Membership, use code "Pilotplans25" for 25% off AllTrails Pro for a limited time only! Make sure to redeem your discount on the website, as it won't work on your app.

For more in-depth information, check out our AllTrails app review to see if AllTrails will be a good fit for your next hiking excursion!

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🔥Why We Love the AllTrails Hiking App!

At Pilot, our goal is to help people live happier lives through shared experiences. AllTrails helps facilitate this really well.

The app makes it easy for you to share custom maps, routes, and experiences with family and friends. Real people contribute the reviews and pictures of many locations, making the app's information more honest and reliable.

A huge benefit for Apple Watch users is the AllTrails apple watch app, which allows users to Navigate using their Apple Watches to track and record their hikes and trails.

AllTrails is available on bothiOSandAndroid.

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Honorable Mentions: Pokémon GO (iOS and Android, Free)

Looking for a way to spice up your daily walks or hikes near the city? Look no further than the super popular augmented reality game to play while hiking:Pokémon GO.

Created by Niantic, Pokemon GO allows you to catch different pokemon, battle other players, and explore different Pokéstops while on your walks or hikes.

If you're not familiar with what Pokémons are, don't worry! The app andcommunityare super welcoming and fast to learn, allowing you to be hooked to the game immediately!

8 Best & FREE Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2023! (11)

Pokémon GO is available on bothiOSandAndroid.

Honorable Mentions: Seek by iNaturalist / iNaturalist (iOS and Android, Free)

Have you ever looked at a flower, insect, or bird and thought to yourself, "What's the name of that species?"

What if I told you that you can contribute to environmental and conservation research on your hikes?

By combining curiosity with discovery,Seek by iNaturalistallows you to identify faunas and floras on your hike based on images you take and your geographic locations by providing you a list of possible species based on the picture and location provided.

What's even better is that you'll be able to earn badges and achievements with the different species you discover!

8 Best & FREE Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2023! (12)

What if I told you that you can contribute to environmental and conservation research on your hikes? Download theiNaturalistapp and participate in citizen sciences by reporting the species you see on your hikes! Your efforts will help drive conservation and environmental science research and help protect endangered or threatened species!

Seek by iNaturalist is available oniOSandAndroid. iNaturalist app is also available oniOSandAndroid.

Honorable Mentions: National Park Service (NPS) App (iOS and Android, Free)

What better place to receive information about parks than the National Park Services themselves?

The National Park Service App, developed by U.S. National Park Services government agency, contains all of the vital information you'll need to know on all 423 national park units, which include 63 national parks around the united states.

This up-to-date information provided by official government sources will help you navigate the tour trails, places to stay and camp, park & campsite amenities, personalized tour guides, interactive maps, and more!

While the national park service app might not have nearly enough features to compete with apps like AllTrails or Gaia GPS, they're definitely a download for the most updated official resource on trailheads and park amenities.

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Oh, and they're free to download!

National Park Service App (NPS) is available on both android and iOS.

Go beyond with these hiking apps!

Whether you're going hiking, trekking, mountain biking, camping, or more, the best hiking apps will accommodate for such. After all, a lot of the tools you use in the top hiking apps are linked to using GPS for navigation and tracking or using maps to route and plan ahead.

We've also mentioned fun or impactful hiking or walking apps like Pokemon GO and iNaturalist!

Regardless of what best hiking app you go with, you'll definitely be in good hands with these top picks!

Plan your trips with Pilot!

Hiking is enjoyed as a weekend pastime and as a travel activity. After all, hiking is often required to see some of the world's most beautiful natural sceneries!

If you're looking to go hiking during your trip, make sure to plan your adventures ahead with Pilot!

Pilotis your brand-new travel planner that helps you discover and build travel itineraries connecting you to resources everywhere. Make the planning experience more fun by collaborating with your travel buddies! Pilot makes it fun and easy to share and relive your favorite travel memories with many useful features!

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Did we mention that it's completely free? Try it out now!


8 Best & FREE Hiking Apps You Should Download in 2023!? ›

Your guide to the outdoors

The best alternatives to AllTrails are hike.io, The Outbound, and Fatmap. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.

What is the best free app for hiking? ›

What is the best free hiking app?
  • AllTrails (Available on iOS & Android)
  • Gaia GPS (Available on iOS & Android)
  • Hiking Project (Available on iOS & Android)
  • National Park Service App (Available on iOS & Android)
  • Seek by iNaturalist (Available on iOS & Android)
Jan 10, 2023

Is there a better app than AllTrails? ›

Your guide to the outdoors

The best alternatives to AllTrails are hike.io, The Outbound, and Fatmap. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.

What is the new hiking safety app? ›

Cairn. Cairn is known as “the ultimate hiking safety app”. The app promotes cell coverage spots and points out places along the trail that other hikers found coverage, by each carrier. Cairn shows you coverage spots and shows you where others have found coverage on the trail, broken down by carrier.

Which AllTrails app is free? ›

What is AllTrails Pro? AllTrails has a free version of its app, where users can search for trails—filtering by difficulty level and length. The app provides detailed maps and helpful user reviews (ranging from trail conditions to whether or not the path is kid or dog friendly) that can help hikers know what to expect.

Is there a free app that tracks where you walk? ›

1. MapMyWalk GPS for iPhone, Android or Windows. MapMyWalk allows you to see the time spent walking, distance, pace, speed, elevation, and calories burned. When you finish, MapMyWalk allows you to upload and save your workout data and view it both on the app and on the MapMyWalk website.

How much is AllTrails per month? ›

AllTrails provides two subscription options for its users. Its Basic Membership is free to use. The Pro Membership costs $35.99 annually ($2.99 monthly) and is ideal for people who regularly explore the outdoors. We have outlined all the features in detail below.

Which is better AllTrails vs Gaia? ›

For anyone wanting the extra security of others knowing your location, AllTrails is once again the option for you. And all those who don't care for extra specs or aren't technologically inclined, go with AllTrails. For mountaineering, hunting, off-roading, or anything backcountry I would go with Gaia GPS.

Is AllTrails worth the money? ›

While Alltrails Pro is a MUCH better option for preventing getting lost (among other benefits), it doesn't change the fact that you should absolutely learn to develop your own navigational skills and never solely rely on this app (or other navigation apps) to save you, because it's never 100% guaranteed.

How much does AllTrails pro cost? ›

Today, that subscription is only $15 for the first year. While the AllTrails app is free, the Pro subscription gives you some handy features. You can download maps ahead of time to use in offline mode, where your GPS will still let you know where you are even if you don't have service.

Is there a free app to identify mountains? ›

PeakFinder makes it possible… and shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display. This functions completely offline - and worldwide! PeakFinder knows more than 1'000'000 peaks - from Mount Everest to the little hill around the corner.

How to download hiking maps for free? ›

Table of Contents
  1. Google Maps (iOS and Android: Free)
  2. Cairn (iOS and Android: Free / $26.99 Annually)
  3. Hiking Project (IOS and Android, Free)
  4. 5.Spyglass (iOS and Android: $3.99)
  5. PeakVisor (iOS and Android: Free / 29.99$ Annually)
  6. FarOut Guides App (Formerly GutHook Guides by Atlas Guides, iOS and Android: Free)
Apr 6, 2023

What is the Big 4 in hiking? ›

Going Ultralight With The Big Four. The fastest way to lighten your load is to replace one or all of the four largest items most backpackers carry: pack, tent, sleeping bag and pad.

What are the big three for hiking? ›

Generally speaking, the Big Three gear pieces of any backpacking adventure consist of: your shelter, your sleeping system and your backpack. If the combined weight of those three pieces of gear is 12 pounds or more, you're trending heavy and you could be in for a really hard time on your hike.

Is the hiking project app free? ›

Find new hiking trails to explore wherever you travel. More trail = more fun! It's free to download and free of advertising too.

How much does it cost to join AllTrails? ›

Many features of the AllTrails app are available with a free account, and AllTrails Pro can be purchased for $29.99/year, or $99.99/lifetime.

Why pay for AllTrails? ›

AllTrails provides more details than Google Maps, like the topography of the area, even with the free version of AllTrails. The real-time map overlays with the Pro membership show even more insightful data that helps you plan and prepare for your trip.

Is there a free app to track distance and time? ›

Google Fit: Activity Tracker

Google Fit is a fitness tracker that works with Android and Apple devices that can be used for tracking your running, steps, and health data. You can sync Google Fit with other running apps like Strava and get advanced analytics on all your health metrics.

What is the most accurate walking app? ›

Best Overall Walking App - MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk, part of the Under Armour suite of fitness tracking apps, combines a simple tracking tool with many more advanced features. The opening screen allows you to start with a single button push, tracking your walk's duration, distance, pace, steps, calories, and elevation.

How much does the walk app cost? ›

The Walk at Home App is a monthly calendar of workouts starting at $4.99 a month. Each month, receive a new set of workouts curated by the Walk at Home Team.

Is the Gaia app free? ›

Download the Gaia GPS app on your phone or tablet and start navigating like a pro. Head to the App Store or the Play Store on your device to download the app for free today.

How long is AllTrails free trial? ›

Our 7-day free trial can be activated on any of our platforms, including AllTrails.com and the iPhone and Android apps. During your trial period, you will be able to access AllTrails+ features across all platforms and on multiple devices. Activated a trial on your phone?

Does AllTrails track your location? ›

AllTrails uses your location to find trails near you and to enable features such as using Navigator to track your activity. Your privacy is incredibly important to us, and we won't ever share your location information.

Does AllTrails work without cell service? ›

One of the great benefits of AllTrails+ is that you can download maps to your phone for offline use. This allows you to view detailed map information and navigate using your phone's built-in GPS while you're out on the trail - even when you don't have a data signal!

How much does Gaia app cost? ›

We offer a 7-day free trial with our $11.99 monthly plan & $99 annual plan, and a Live Event streaming plan for $299 annually without a free trial. A single account grants you access to Gaia on supported devices, TVs, and the Web.

Does AllTrails use a lot of battery? ›

How To Avoid Phone Battery Dying: When you use the AllTrails app, you may notice that your smartphone's battery loses its charge faster than you expect. This is normal because the AllTrails app uses the phone's GPS to determine your location. The GPS just needs more battery charge to do its thing.

Who is AllTrails target audience? ›

Audience composition can reveal a site's current market share across various audiences. alltrails.com's audience is 52.53% male and 47.47% female. The largest age group of visitors are 25 - 34 year olds (Desktop).

Who is AllTrails competitor? ›

alltrails.com's top 5 competitors in March 2023 are: wta.org, hikingproject.com, gaiagps.com, recreation.gov, and more.

What is the color code on AllTrails? ›

Colour coded with green indicating the cleanest air and red indicating the most polluted. Pollen - Displays a daily forecast of pollen levels over any map layer in the U.S. and Europe. The map detail is colour coded with green indicating the lowest concentration of pollen and red indicating the highest concentration.

Can I use my phone GPS for hiking? ›

As a solo hiker and pilgrim, I never leave home without a GPS map and guidebook. Since your phone contains a GPS chip that does not require cellular or wifi to operate, using a GPS mapping app on your iPhone or Android device is a great way to be more prepared when you're hiking or exploring.

How long does an 8 mile hike take? ›

But for the average person, it'll take approximately 3.5 to 5 hours to finish an 8-mile hike. This is assuming that the trail is in good condition, there isn't an excessive amount of elevation gain, and the person is in average shape.

How much does Gaia GPS cost? ›

GAIA GPS Membership

The new Gaia GPS has a free trial and two price levels. Basic Gaia GPS Membership $19.99/year and a Premium Membership $39.99/year. The Member Level lets you use the full app, and all but a few map sources – try it free for 7 days.

What app turns photos into mountains? ›

PeakVisor PRO is a premium subscription that allows you to use the app without any limitations. By subscribing to PeakVisor PRO you make it possible for us to focus on ever-excelling the app. PeakVisor PRO is available as a monthly or an annual subscription.

What is the app where you can see roads? ›

Google Maps

Every road-tripper needs a trusty navigation app in their arsenal, and Google Maps reigns supreme in that category.

What map is best for hiking? ›

The most commonly used trail maps are topographic maps, often referred to as topo maps. These maps show detailed information about a region's geographical features. Topo maps can point out places of interest and provide hikers with insights on what to expect.

Is there a Google Maps for hiking? ›

In short, no, Google Maps is not appropriate as a tool for navigating when hiking.

Can you download GPS maps for free? ›

Google Maps

To download a map, tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen, then select Offline Maps. Google will recommend some maps for you to download based on your home and frequent locations. You can also tap Select Your Own Map to download another area.

What is the golden rule of hiking? ›

The best thing you can do when hiking is to remember the “golden rule”: treat others the way you would want to be treated. Here are some main points of hiking etiquette. Hikers coming uphill have the right of way. If you're descending the trail, step aside and give space to the people climbing up.

What does 48 mean in hiking? ›

New Hampshire 48 or White Mountain 48 — Officially named the White Mountain Four Thousand Footers, this refers to the Appalachian Mountain Club's recognized list of 48 mountains in New Hampshire over 4,000 feet. Hikers who complete all 48 mountains can apply to the AMC's Four Thousand Footer Club.

What is a Level 5 hike? ›

Level 5: Moderate – Inclines start to get more intense. Gain and distance goes up. No Beginners, No Kids, Some Teens, Dogs, Hiking Footwear Recommended, Water Required.

What is the most important item in hiking? ›

A backpack is the primary piece of gear for day hiking. One that holds 11–20 liters of gear is about right for short, simple hikes, while something bigger is good for treks where more food, water, clothing and gear is required.

How long should a 3 mile hike take? ›

Hiking 3 miles takes the average person about 90 minutes. At this pace, you'll have plenty of time to take breaks and take in the scenery. Consider the time it takes to chat and take photos when hiking with a group. Obviously, your mileage will vary based on your fitness level, the terrain, and the weather conditions.

What is GIA app for hiking? ›

Gaia GPS is the preferred nav app for outdoor professionals. Quickly route to GPS coordinates, view recent wildfires, and share maps, tracks, & waypoints with your team. Mark hiking trails, routes, campsites, & water sources. Share data with clients & fellow guides.

Is the AllTrails app worth it? ›

The app is very user-friendly and intuitive. There's SO MANY trails that you can search for and choose. Plus, given the breadth of AllTrails users, there's usually lots of up-to-date reviews with information about current trail conditions, especially for popular trails.

Does AllTrails work without cell signal? ›

One of the great benefits of AllTrails+ is that you can download maps to your phone for offline use. This allows you to view detailed map information and navigate using your phone's built-in GPS while you're out on the trail - even when you don't have a data signal!

Is Gaia hiking app free? ›

You can use Gaia GPS for free to navigate and explore different areas. With a free download, you can drop waypoints, plan routes, record tracks, and follow your current location.

Does Google have a hiking app? ›

An app that certainly needs no introduction, Google Maps is a general purpose navigation and map tool app that helps you locate restaurants, gas stations, your friends home,and also hiking trails.

How much does Gaia GPS app cost? ›

The new Gaia GPS has a free trial and two price levels. Basic Gaia GPS Membership $19.99/year and a Premium Membership $39.99/year. The Member Level lets you use the full app, and all but a few map sources – try it free for 7 days.

What is the difference between AllTrails free and pro? ›

AllTrails Free Vs AllTrails Pro: The Main Differences

First, one of the main differences between AllTrails and AllTrails Pro is that one version is free and the other is a paid subscription. You can start using AllTrails on your computer or smartphone at any time for free.

Is Gaia maps free? ›

Get basic maps and planning tools for free or upgrade to unlock the full map catalog and all premium features.


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