6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (2023)

With the latest advancements in battery technology, electric power equipment has started to give gas-engine models a real run for their money. That holds true even with extra-large pieces of outdoor equipment, and zero turn mowers are a perfect example.

Electric zero turn radius (ZTR) mowers are ideal for homeowners who have medium to large areas to mow, typically between 0.5 to 4 acres. The main benefits of electric ZTR mowers include no gas to deal with, no toxic fumes generated, no engine maintenance, excellent performance and standard 120V-outlet charging.

In this article, you’ll learn the details of 6 of the best electric zero turn mowers on the market. You’ll also learn about the key features to look for on a ZTR mower and key insights from lawn-care professionals regarding which ones are most important for your needs. Finally, we’ll also answer some common questions about zero turn mowers in general.

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Best Electric Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

We’ll be looking at 6 models in this article. This table shows a quick breakdown of the key features/specs of each:

EGOPower+ ZT4204L Z6

EGO Power+ ZT5207L Z6

Ryobi RY48140

Greenworks CrossoverZ

Ryobi RY48ZTR100

Cub Cadet ZT1 42E

Battery Type

ARC Lithium-Ion

ARC Lithium-Ion





Battery Specs

56V, 10Ah (x4)

56V, 12Ah (x6)

48V, 115Ah

60V, 8Ah (x6)

48V, 100Ah

56V, 60Ah

Battery Life

Up to 2 acres

Up to 4 acres

Up to 3.5 acres

Up to 2 acres

Up to 3 acres

Up to 2 acres

Deck Type







Deck Width

42 inches

52 inches

54 inches

42 inches

42 inches

42 inches

Charging Time

2 hours

4 hours


90 minutes with Turbo charger


4 hours


5 years

5 years

3 years on mower, 1 year on battery

4 years

3 years on mower, 1 year on battery

3 years on mower, 4 years on battery

1. EGO Power+ ZT4204L 42-Inch Z6

**Best Overall Electric Zero Turn Mower

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (1)
6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (2)
  • Battery type: ARC Lithium-Ion
  • Battery specs: 56V, 10Ah x 4
  • Battery life: Cuts up to 2 acres with the included 4 batteries (option to add more batteries for longer lifespan)
  • Deck type: Stamped
  • Deck width: 42 inches
  • Deck height settings: 10, ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: 1-2 acres with included batteries, can cut up to 3 acres with additional batteries
  • Weight: 447 pounds
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Towing capacity: Not stated
  • Safety features: Operator presence system, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

As the first ZTR mower from EGO, they went big with the goal of rivaling their gas-powered counterparts. And the results speak for themselves: Four brushless motors produce roughly 22 horsepower, dual cutting blades yield a smooth surface and the smooth controls make mowing just plain fun.

If you already have other EGO tools powered by the ARC Lithium battery platform, the Z6 uses the same 56V 10Ah batteries, and they’re fully interchangeable with other EGO products. As for included batteries, EGO stocks the Z6 with four batteries with your mower. But if you’d like a little extra power, there are two additional slots to accommodate a total of six batteries.

When using four batteries, the onboard quick charging system takes just 2 hours to charge a fully drained battery. If you were to use six batteries, charging time would be about 4 hours.

One really thoughtful feature is the eyes-forward power indicator located between your feet on the lower deck. Instead of having to turn your head, and therefore your attention, to a side control screen, you can instantly check your real-time battery charge level while keeping your eyes directed forward.

For operator comfort, EGO built the seat with cushy padding and adjustable suspension. Armrests, a USB port and Bluetooth capability add a few other friendly features. You’ve got plenty of storage for your personal belongings in the form of a narrow slot (perfect for a phone), a bin with magnetic lid closure and dual cupholders.

Located on the right-hand side of the operator seat, the LED control panel is large and easy to see. EGO gives you many setting options to choose from, including individual speed settings for the blades and the mower itself.

You have the option to choose one of three driving modes that dictate how fast the mower responds to your steering commands:

  • Sport mode produces rapid turning capability and higher speed, and it’s best for experienced zero-turn mower users.
  • Standard mode will probably be your go-to for residential use, producing smooth turns and medium overall speeds.
  • Control mode produces the least aggressive handling, and it’s ideal for new zero-turn mower users and precision cutting.

When you have a long, straight cutting path ahead of you, turn on the high speed settings to cruise along at 7 MPH. For areas that require more turns and precision, use the 3-MPH low speed setting. And when you’re just moving from one work site to another, switch to transport speed to reach a quick 8 MPH.

Although EGO states that the included four batteries cut up to 2 acres per charge, you’ll probably struggle to get that much runtime if you’re dealing with dense grass, making frequent turns or running the blades at high speed for long periods. However, you always have the option to add two more batteries to extend the life significantly.


  • 22 horsepower output
  • Batteries are compatible with other EGO products
  • Option to add additional batteries
  • Eyes-forward battery life gauge
  • Lots of storage
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable suspension
  • Three driving modes
  • Long warranty period


  • Battery may not last for 2 acres in certain conditions

2. EGO Power+ ZT5207L 52-Inch Z6

**Best High-Performance Electric Zero Turn Mower

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (3)
  • Battery type: ARC Lithium-Ion
  • Battery specs: 56V, 12Ah x 6
  • Battery life: Cuts up to 4 acres with the six included batteries
  • Deck type: Fabricated
  • Deck width: 52 inches
  • Deck height settings: 10, ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: 3-4 acres
  • Weight: 463 pounds
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Towing capacity: Not stated
  • Safety features: Operator presence system, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

EGO promotes their Power+ 52-inch Z6 as having “Power Like No Other, ” and with the features this mower has, that tagline doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

The battery port holds six 56V, 12Ah batteries that power five individual brushless motors. This construction provides performance that’s roughly equivalent to 25 horsepower in gas engines. As of now, this is the most powerful electric zero turn mower available on the market.

And combined with that power are three cutting blades and a 52-inch deck that lets you cover more ground in less time. In ideal conditions, you should be able to mow an area up to 4 acres on a single charge. Also, EGO constructed this mower with a fabricated deck made from thick 10-gauge steel for outstanding durability against bumps and the assault of time.

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Even if the batteries are completely drained, the on-board charging system gets you back up to full power in four hours. And if you own other tools on the EGO 56V ARC Lithium platform, the batteries in the 52-inch mower are fully interchangeable.

In addition to these feature upgrades, this mower also has the same comfortable and convenient features as the standard 42-inch Z6 we looked at in spot #1:

  • Intuitive LCD control panel and battery life indicator
  • Adjustable seat suspension
  • Arm rests and cushy seat padding
  • USB port and Bluetooth capability
  • 3 driving modes (Sport, Standard and Control)
  • Lots of storage
  • Large tires for excellent traction
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Speed range from 3 to 8 MPH
  • Long warranty period

The only thing to be aware of is that the maximum area you can mow per charge can vary quite a but depending on your terrain. If you have lots of slopes to mow or your grass is a bit overgrown, you may not be able to cover the full 4 acres on a single charge.

Also, while this mower is packed with fantastic features, it’s very new on the market, and as such, it has not yet had the opportunity to stand the test of time. But if other EGO products are any indicator, this ZTR should be a good return on investment.


  • Outstanding 25 horsepower output
  • Wide cutting deck covers ground faster
  • Sturdy fabricated steel deck
  • Batteries are compatible with other EGO products
  • Can mow large areas on a single battery charge
  • Short charging time
  • Long warranty period


  • Very short time on the market

3. Ryobi RY48140

**Best for Large Lawns

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (4)
  • Battery type: Lead-acid
  • Battery specs: 48V, 115 Ah
  • Battery life: Up to 3.5 acres per charge
  • Deck type: Fabricated
  • Deck width: 54 inches
  • Deck height settings: 12, ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: 2-3.5 acres
  • Weight: 796 pounds
  • Charging time: Overnight
  • Maximum speed: 7 MPH in forward, 4 MPH in reverse
  • Towing capacity: 500 pounds
  • Safety features: Operator presence system, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty on mower, 1-year limited warranty on battery

Ryobi built this mower with five brushless motors for maximum efficiency and power: Two for the rear-drive wheels and one for each of the three blades. This gives you plenty of power in the drive train for barreling over your lawn surface as well as excellent cutting performance since each blade has a direct power supply.

For maximum durability, Ryobi crafted this mower with a fabricated deck made from 10-gauge steel. The deck has 12 height settings between 1.5 and 4.5 inches tall, which is a great range that covers pretty much any mowing task you’ll run into.

With its ultra-wide 54-inch cutting deck, this mower is capable of cutting up to 3.5 acres on a single charge. So it’s perfect if you’ve got a large area to cover.

When it’s time to re-charge the batteries, a direct charging port makes for an easy task- no need to remove batteries and plug them into a separate charger. But while charging is easy, it is time-consuming. Ryobi states that charging time is overnight, and they’re not kidding! So don’t plan to get back to work later in the day if the batteries drain in the morning.

With two generously-sized cupholders and two additional deep storage bins, you’ve got plenty of room to hold some extra essentials while you’re working. If you’d like to charge your phone or another small piece of electronics while you cut the grass, a 1-amp USB port allows you to do that. Also, the storage bins and USB port have spring-loaded covers that keep everything safely in place.

One thing to be aware of is that this mower does not have bagging capability. Side discharge is the standard construction, and there is also a mulch kit available for additional purchase.


  • Massive cutting deck size
  • Five brushless motors for awesome power
  • Cuts large areas on a single charge
  • Sturdy construction
  • Lots of handy storage


  • Slow recharging
  • No bagging capability
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Ryobi has a new line of 80V lithium-ion battery zero turn mowers to be released soon. Besides an improved battery, this line also features an innovative joystick control, making the learning curve much easier for new operators and a bit more fun for experienced ones. The line includes models with 30-inch, 42-inch and 54-inch cutting deck sizes.

These mowers look absolutely amazing, and we’ll update this post with a feature review as soon as they officially hit the market.

4. Greenworks CrossoverZ

**Best for Fast Charging

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (5)
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery specs: 60V, 8Ah x 6
  • Battery life: Up to 2 acres
  • Deck type: Stamped
  • Deck width: 42 inches
  • Deck height settings: 16, ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: 1-2 acres
  • Weight: 456 pounds
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Towing capacity: 250 pounds
  • Safety features: Operator presence system, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 4-year limited warranty

The Crossover Z uses a six-battery manifold to deliver the equivalent of 24 HP. That’s pretty impressive, and rivals many gas models. Two brushless motors produce maximum efficiency and power the wheels and dual blades. Each blade spins a 3,000 RPM, making for a fast, clean cut.

As busy homeowners or lawn-care professionals, time is usually of the essence. Greenworks includes three dual-port Turbo battery chargers that bring the Crossover Z to a full charge in just 90 minutes, which is the fastest of any model on our list today. If you’d prefer, onboard charging is also another convenient (although a bit slower) option.

If you already have other 60V Greenworks tools, you’ll appreciate that the Crossover Z uses batteries on the same platform. However, be sure to double-check the battery size- some of the 60V Greenworks tools batteries with slightly different measurements, rendering them incompatible with Crossover Z’s batteries.

Another feature we think is really handy is the rear cargo bed. It holds up to 200 pounds, and it’s perfect for transporting compost, large seed bags, jugs of water or anything else you want to move from point A to point B.

For comfort while you’re working, the high-back seat provides cushy back support and armrests relieve stress on your shoulders and elbows. There are two USB chargers, a slot for holding your phone and one cup holder. Beefy 20-inch rear wheels help make your ride a bit smoother and provide additional traction.

When moving forward, the Crossover Z speeds along at a brisk top speed of 8 MPH. When you need to back up, top reverse speed is 3 MPH.

The Crossover Z is fairly new to the market, and because of that, it may have some as-of-yet undiscovered flaws. That’s a risk of buying a recently-released product, but Greenworks does offer a generous 4-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful 24HP motor
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • 90-minute charging with Turbo chargers
  • Batteries are compatible with many other Greenworks 60V tools
  • 200-pound rear cargo bed
  • Long warranty period


  • Fairly short time on the market

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5. Ryobi RY48ZTR100

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (6)
  • Battery type: Lead-acid
  • Battery specs: 48V, 100 Ah
  • Battery life: Up to 3 acres per charge
  • Deck type: Stamped
  • Deck width: 42 inches
  • Deck height settings: 12, ranging from 1.5-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: 1-3 acres
  • Weight: 597 pounds
  • Charging time: Overnight
  • Maximum speed: 7 MPH in forward, 3 MPH in reverse
  • Towing capacity: 250 pounds
  • Safety features: Operator presence system, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty on mower, 1-year limited warranty on battery

The Ryobi RY48ZTR100 has several similarities to the Ryobi RY48140 we looked at in spot #2, but there are enough differences to warrant a separate mention here.

Firstly, the deck on this mower is 42 inches, which is smaller than the 54 inches that the RY48140 model offers. But 42 inches is pretty standard for residential zero-turn mowers and should handle most jobs with no problem. And since the overall frame is quite a bit smaller, you won’t need to dedicate so much storage space.

This mower features a stamped deck made from 12-gauge steel, making it durable and capable of handling standard obstacles around the yard.

Ryobi outfitted this mower with a combo side-discharge/mulching blade. For an additional purchase, you can also add a bagging kit to your mower, which is a nice feature that the larger Ryobi model does not offer.

For onboard comfort/convenience, the seat has comfortable cushioning and plenty of room to adjust the position to your preference. A dual cup holder, covered storage bins and a USB charging port provide spaces for your personal belongings.

This mower uses four high-efficiency brushless motors and twin blades to evenly slice through grass at either low or high speeds. Low speed is a battery-saver, and it should do just fine for routine grass trims on a well-maintained lawn.

However, if your grass is denser or a bit overgrown, low speed tends to get bogged down easily. So be sure to switch to high speed to power through those tougher patches.


  • Perfect for residential use on well-maintained lawns
  • Bagging capable
  • Capable of cutting large areas on a single charge


  • Blades can get bogged down easily on low speed
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6. Cub Cadet ZT1 42E

6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews (7)
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery specs: 56V, 60 Ah
  • Battery life: Up to 2 acres per charge
  • Deck type: Stamped
  • Deck width: 42 inches
  • Deck height settings: 15, ranging from 1-4.5 inches
  • Ideal yard size: Up to 2 acres
  • Weight: 600 pounds
  • Charging time: 4 hours
  • Maximum speed: 7 MPH in forward, 3 in reverse
  • Towing capacity: 250 pounds
  • Safety features: Operator presence sensor, LED headlights
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty on mower, 4-year limited warranty on battery

Cub Cadet constructed the ZT1 42E with a solid automotive-grade 2×2 tubular frame that resists rusting/corrosion and adds an extra layer of durability. The cutting deck is stamped from 13-gauge steel.

Two brushless motors deliver power to the drive train and two cutting blades. Dual electric automatic transmissions work in tandem to produce a clean, professional-looking cut.

The lithium-ion battery cuts up to 2 acres in a single charge, although the grade of your terrain and height/type of grass you’re cutting can influence that timeframe quite a bit. Battery recharging time is rapid, at just about 4 hours.

There are 15 deck height settings to choose from, ranging from as low as 1 inch high to a maximum of 4.5 inches. No matter what kind of mowing job you have to do, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an appropriate setting.

The operator seat has a high 20-inch backrest with comfortable padding, and a lever adjustment allows you to tailor the seat height to your preference. The 20×8-inch rear tires help absorb shock for a smoother ride while also enhancing traction. The lap bar is adjustable to your comfort, and the fully padded, ergonomic handgrips are nice extra touch.

Something to be aware of is that the handling can be quite jerky on this machine, especially when you’re traveling at the low speed setting. However, jerkiness tends to be a fairly widespread issue for electric mowers simply due to the power delivery system.

So dedicate some time to acclimating yourself to the handling and turn the speed down to turtle mode during precision cutting. Also, Cub Cadet advises a throttle calibration process to help address the jerkiness, which you can see in this video:

One major concern to point out is that the battery seems to be a fairly frequent weak point on this machine, with overheating and short lifespan being the primary issues. While the 4-year limited battery warranty is comforting, we hope Cub Cadet takes this issue seriously and makes some upgrades in the near future.


  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 15 deck height settings
  • Comfortable seat
  • Operator presence sensor
  • Long warranty period


  • Handling can be jerky
  • Battery performance needs improvement

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Shopping for the Best Electric Zero Turn Mower: Pro Tips

An electric ZTR mower is a significant investment. So you want to make sure you understand the features, how they relate to performance/usage and which ones are worth the money in your situation.

We asked several professional landscapers for their input on key features. Here’s what they had to say, along with information on other main features.

Safety Features

Electric ZTR mowers are large, heavy pieces of equipment, and they can be a serious safety hazard in certain situations or for new operators. So safety features are a key point that Trevor Lively, president of Blue Jay Irrigation Company, looks for.

“Some of the recent models come with emergency brakes to stop the machines when they experience technical difficulties, and when something comes in front of the machine unexpectedly,” says Trevor. “Some of the others have auto shutdown features that turn the mower off as soon as the driver leaves the seat.” (NOTE: This feature may be called either an Operator Presence System or a Safety Interlock System.)

Trevor continues, “Along with contemporary safety features like seatbelts and LED headlights, it is important to look for these features to ensure the maximum level of safety.”

(Video) EGO Z6 & Greenworks PRO 60V Crossoverz Electric zero turn comparison!

Battery Type: Lead-Acid vs Lithium-Ion

Electric ZTR mowers come in two battery types:

  • Lead-acid
  • Lithium-ion

Here’s a breakdown of the main differences between the two battery types:



Battery Lifespan

1,000 cycles

2,000-3,000 cycles

Charging Time

8+ hours

2-4 hours

Risk of Leaking



Energy Density



Performance Degradation as Battery Drains






We asked Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love, which battery type he prefers in his fleet’s electric ZTR mowers. “I prefer lithium-ion batteries. I haven’t noticed much of a direct performance difference between the two while mowing, however I have dealt with lead-acid batteries leaking before. And my mowers with lithium-ion batteries seem to have a longer lifespan.”

And Robert Frankson of Wild Yards agrees that lithium-ion is the better choice. “There is quite a difference in the performance of a turn mower powered by a lithium-ion battery compared to a lead-acid one. Lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy density which means they have a higher power output. This is especially helpful for people who have to mow larger acreage.”

However, the main benefit of a lead-acid battery is the lower cost, both in the initial purchase price and in the cost to replace worn-out batteries. If you’ve got a smaller area to mow, don’t mind waiting for a longer charging time and want to save some cash, a lead-acid battery may be the way to go.

Battery Life

Most electric ZTR mowers have enough battery life to cut between 2-4 acres of relatively flat ground under normal grass growth conditions (up to about 6 inches tall). This usually translates to somewhere between 1 and 2 hours of continuous use.

This is where the amp hours (Ah) come into play. The higher the Ah rating, the more run-time per charge you can expect to get.

In general, you can expect to get about 1 hour of run-time from a 75 Ah battery, which roughly corresponds to 2 acres under ideal conditions. With a 115 Ah battery, you should be able to cut up to 3.5-4 acres, again, under ideal conditions.

If you have these factors in your yard, expect to get a shorter run-time per charge:

  • Frequent turns
  • Sloped ground (NOTE: Anything >10-15 degree slope is not safe for an electric ZTR)
  • Lots of obstacles that require precision steering
  • Long or dense grass that requires the high-speed blade rotation

Most electric zero turn mowers have an automatic blade shut-off that stops blade rotation when the battery charge reaches 5%. This is a helpful feature that gives you enough juice to make it back to the power outlet instead of getting stuck in the middle of your lawn with a dead battery.

Battery Charging Time

The time you’ll spend charging your electric ZTR mower depends primarily on the battery type:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are much faster to charge, typically going from drained to full power in 2-4 hours.
  • Lead-acid batteries will cost you more time, usually requiring at least 8 hours to regain their full charge.

Most battery powered zero turn lawn mowers have an onboard charging system that makes the re-charging process as easy as plugging into an outlet. And a standard 120V residential outlet is all the power you need.

For faster charging, some manufacturers also include turbo chargers for lithium-ion batteries, which require you to manually remove batteries from the mower and insert them into the separate chargers. This can cut your charging time all the way down to 90 minutes, so it’s a great option if you need a quick turn-around.

Motor Power and Performance

Most of the newer electric ZTR mowers on the market feature two to five individual brushless motors. As opposed to the older brushed motor design, brushless motors use fewer components to deliver high power with greater efficiency, as demonstrated well by Renesas.

Thanks to their powerful motor construction, these mowers deliver somewhere between 15HP to 25HP, which is on par with many gas-powered ZTR mowers. With this much power, your mower should be more than capable of handling most residential properties with ease.

As for the transmission, all the electric ZTR mowers we’re looking at today have automatic transmissions, so you don’t have to worry about any manual gear shifting.

Deck Type: Stamped and Fabricated

Electric ZTR mowers come in 2 cutting deck styles:

  • Stamped decks are made from a single piece of steel that’s been molded into the deck shape. They’re typically made from thinner, lower-gauge steel, usually 14-gauge to 12-gauge.
  • Fabricated decks are made from several individual pieces of steel welded together to create the deck shape. They’re usually made from heavier steel, with 10-gauge steel being the standard.

Stamped decks are usually the less durable of the two types, and they’re more prone to getting bent or dented in the case of a collision with an object. The benefit is that they cost less, and in most cases, stamped decks are perfectly sufficient for residential use.

Since they have the additional stability of thicker steel and sturdy welds, fabricated decks usually have a longer lifespan and are less likely to pick up damage. A fabricated deck is a better choice if your cutting area has lots of challenging, rough areas or you’ve got a lot of acreage to cover regularly. But since it requires heavier steel and manual assembly, mowers with fabricated decks tend to cost more.

Deck Width and Height

The most common deck width is roughly 42 inches, although many brands also offer wider cutting deck options.

One thing to be aware of is that the deck size measures how wide the actual deck is, not necessarily how wide your cutting path will be. Most electric ZTR mowers have two or three cutting blades, and you might have a couple of inches of open space between the blade radius and the deck edge. but while it’s something to keep in mind, the discrepancy probably won’t make too much of a difference in your overall cutting time.

Deck heights are adjustable, often with 10+ settings that range from 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches. Most electric ZTR mowers use a lever adjustment located just below and off the side of the operator seat, so it’s easy to make adjustments when needed.

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Electric Zero Turn Mower Maintenance

Routine maintenance for an electric ZTR mower is quite simple, and for many homeowners, this is one of the biggest draws to electric power equipment.

  • Store your ZTR mower under a fitted cover or in a sheltered location to protect it from rain and weather exposure.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions for how to best clean the deck of your specific model; some models have a built-in wash port that let you attach a hose for rinsing the deck underside. If your mower does not have a wash port, don’t use a pressure washer or a garden hose on any part of your mower- the water could get into the electrical components and cause severe damage. For the most part, a leaf blower will remove the majority of leftover debris, and hand-wiping the surface with a rag or sponge cleans the remaining bits away.
  • To prolong the life of your battery and avoid damage, store it in an area that has moderate temperatures, neither freezing nor in direct heat. If treated properly, you should expect to get at least 4 years of battery life.
  • Blade sharpening should also be on your maintenance radar, but you’ll only have to do that on an as-needed basis. Pay attention to your cut quality during each mowing session, and re-sharpen your blades when you start noticing rough patches and random grass blades left standing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers

Electric zero-turn mowers offer several advantages over gas models, with the main ones being that there are no toxic fumes generated and no small-engine maintenance. And with advancements in battery design and performance, many electric zero-turn mowers produce power levels that are very comparable to gas models.

That depends on the type of grass you’ll be cutting and the overall terrain. Most battery powered zero turn mowers should be able to handle 2 acres of relatively flat ground in a single charge. And consistency matters too- if you cut your grass regularly and don’t allow it to get overgrown, there will be less demand on your mower and your battery will last longer.

Most electric ZTR mowers will run for about 1-2 hours on a single charge. Some mowers give you the option to add extra batteries to your mower, thereby increasing your overall run-time.

Due to their construction that creates a high center of gravity, zero-turn mowers have an increased risk of tipping over on a sloped surface. Unless the manufacturer specifically designed their model to be safe for hills/steep slopes, 10 degrees is the maximum recommended slope most zero-turn mowers can handle.

Even at a gentle grade, mowing from side to side is the safer method instead of mowing up and down. Keep the front of the mower pointed slightly uphill for better control.

Lap bars take the place of a steering wheel in a zero-turn mower. Push both bars forward, and the unit moves forward. Pull both bars back, and the unit goes in reverse. Push either the right or the left bar forward to turn in that direction, and pull one bar back while pushing the other forward to perform a zero-radius turn.

Yes, homeowners with lawns that are 0.5+ acres can benefit from the speed and convenience of a zero-turn mower. Electric zero-turn mowers are an especially great choice for residential use since there’s less maintenance and upkeep and a smaller area to mow.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found these electric zero turn mower reviews helpful. Battery technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decade, and these electric models offer outstanding performance with less hassle than their gas counterparts. And of course, zero emissions.

And with exciting new models hitting the market, the time’s never been better to make the investment in an electric mower. Not to mention, they can also save time and make mowing more enjoyable.

We want to hear from you! Do you have any other questions about electric zero turn mowers? Have you used one and have some experience to share? Your thoughts may be just the thing that answers someone else’s questions, so please share in the comments!


6 Best Electric Zero Turn Mowers: 2023 Reviews? ›

Electric lawn mower last longer than gas mowers.

Depending on use, that's about 10 years and much longer than the lifecycle of a commercial lawn mower engine.

How long will an electric zero turn mower last? ›

Electric lawn mower last longer than gas mowers.

Depending on use, that's about 10 years and much longer than the lifecycle of a commercial lawn mower engine.

What is the number one brand zero turn mower? ›

Husqvarna MZ61

Our top pick for the best zero-turn mower is Husqvarna's commercial-grade MZ61 model. This is the perfect mower for large properties that would otherwise take a long time to mow.

What is the best homeowner zero turn mower for small yards? ›

Best Small

Though zero-turn lawn mowers are typically made for larger properties, the Ryobi 80V Brushless 30-Inch Electric Zero-Turn Lawn Mower is designed for yards up to 1 acre and can even fit through a standard-sized 36-inch gate, making it our choice for the best zero-turn mower for small yards.

Who makes electric zero turn lawn mowers? ›

Promoting an Electric Tomorrow, John Deere Launches First All-Electric Residential Zero Turn Mower.

What is a major disadvantage of the battery operated lawn mower? ›

Con: They are not as powerful

Electric lawn mowers generate substantially less torque on average than a gas mower does.

What is the best month to buy a zero turn mower? ›

Consumer Reports says that the best months for consumers to make a lawn mower purchase are April, May, August, September and October. One popular school of thought is that it's best to buy a mower right after mowing season ends.

What size zero-turn mower for 1 acre? ›

For a 1-acre lawn, choose a lawn tractor with between 17 and 24 horsepower, or a zero-turn mower with between 20 and 25 horsepower.

Is the Toro Zero Turn better than the Cub Cadet Zero Turn? ›

Consumers using both have found Toro's decks more durable than Cub Cadets'. In terms of the engine, although Cub Cadet's engine displacement is higher, the 24.5 hp power makes Toro's zero turn mower stand out. But, the price of Toro's zero turn mower is much higher than Cub Cadets.

Do zero turn mowers hold their value? ›

Overall, the average first-year depreciation is 31%. After this drop, depreciation continues at an annual rate less likely to induce vertigo – in the 6% to 4% range.

Does Kubota make an electric zero-turn mower? ›

Enter the new Kubota battery-powered electric zero-turn mower, built to reduce carbon emissions while doing double-duty to lower noise, vibration, and engine odor produced from traditional fuel-operated models.

Does Toro have an electric zero turn? ›

Toro's Hypercell Battery is designed to operate with the machinery and meet landscaper needs. Optimize run time and quality of cut with the adjustable deck rake.
Battery Capacity23.4kWh
Product FeaturesBattery Powered, CARB Compliant, Hour Meter, MyRIDE Suspension System
Product TypeZero Turn Mower
31 more rows

How much does it cost to charge an electric zero-turn mower? ›

Mowing a Quarter-Acre with an Electric Push Mower

The capacity of a 6.0A 40V battery is 240Wh and at the national average energy price of $0.14 per kWh in June 2022, that works out to $0.03 per charge.

Why not to get an electric mower? ›

Limited battery life. If you opt for a cordless electric mower, you'll need to make sure your batteries are charged and ready. Even at a full charge, there's only so much ground you can cover before you'll have to plug back in, which is why electric mowers are recommended for smaller yards.

What brand of lawn mower is the most reliable? ›

In CR's survey, they make up 52 percent of the riding mowers purchased in 2022. It turns out an old marketing tagline is true: Nothing runs like a Deere. Among the nine lawn tractor brands in our survey results, John Deere is the only brand that's rated excellent for both predicted reliability and owner satisfaction.

Are electric mowers hard to maintain? ›

Electric mowers are usually simpler to use and maintain than their gas-powered counterparts. They don't need gas, oil changes or new air filters, and you don't have to make sure the carburetor and spark plugs are clean and functional.

How much should I spend on a zero-turn mower? ›

Zero-turn lawn mower
Cheapest zero-turn mower$3,000
Average zero-turn mower cost$5,050
Most expensive zero-turn mower$7,600
Jan 24, 2023

How much should I pay for a zero-turn mower? ›

A zero-turn mower costs $3,000 to $5,000 on average. The cost of residential zero-turn mowers depends on the brand, motor size, and mowing deck width. Zero-turn mowers steer with two lever handles up front that allow greater maneuverability.

Is Scag the best mower? ›

Most people would agree that Scag lawn mowers are "SImply the Best" in the Zero-Turn Lawn mower market, when it comes to quality, ease of use, and cutting ability.

What is a top rated mower? ›

After extensive testing, our overall pick for the best lawn mower is the Honda HRN216VKA, a 21-inch self-propelled gas mower. Honda has produced superior power equipment for many years and this mower, which operates with rear-wheel drive, is no exception.

Are Kubota zero turns worth the money? ›

Kubota Zero Turn lawnmowers cost up to 300% more than the equivalent models from other manufacturers. However, Kubota has a reputation for toughness and longevity. At the same time, they also have the most comfortable and supportive operator's seat, making them worth the money for professional contractors.

What is the best width for a zero turn mower? ›

Manufacturers recommend a deck width between 48 and 54 inches to mow 2.2 acres. A 54-inch deck will get the job done about 7 percent faster than a 50-inch deck. So if it takes two hours to mow 2.2 acres with a 50-inch deck, the 54-inch deck cuts the time to by a little under 10 minutes.

What size mower deck gives the best cut? ›

A small, 1/2-acre lawn is suited to a deck size of 40 inches or fewer. If your lawn is 1/2 to 2 acres, then a riding mower with a deck that is 42 to 48 inches wide would be appropriate. If the lawn is 3 acres or larger, the deck should be at least 50 inches wide.

How many square feet can electric lawn mower cut? ›

Therefore, corded electric mowers are recommended for lawns under 5,000 sq. ft. Blades and sizes of motors are usually equal or smaller than options available for gas and cordless mowers. Electric mowers are lightweight and are simple to store with the option of hanging them on a garage wall hook.

Which is better John Deere or Cub Cadet zero turn? ›

The Deere edged out the Cub Cadet in our braking, steering, turning, and stability tests, offering a slightly more refined ride. But again, the difference is slight. And if you're trading up from a push mower, just about any tractor in our mower ratings will feel like a serious improvement.

How many hours will a Toro Zero Turn last? ›

Two thousand hours is generally the number you'll hit without any major repairs.

Is a zero turn worth the extra money? ›

Is it Worth Buying a Zero-Turn Mower? Zero-turn mowers, while clocking in at a higher cost than a riding mower, can mow your lawn faster and more efficiently than a riding mower. While a riding mower has a maximum speed of around 4 MPH, a zero-turn mower can provide you with around 8 MPH.

Can you pull a small trailer with a zero-turn mower? ›

Precautions to take when towing with a zero-turn:

Check your manual before towing, to ensure you do not exceed the towing capacity. Take wide turns to avoid jack-knifing. Tight turns could potentially cause your zero-turn to skid and the trailer to slide into the side of your mower. Drive slower than normal.

Does John Deere make a battery powered lawn mower? ›

John Deere is adding to their well-known residential line of ZTrak™ mowers with the Z370R Electric ZTrak™. This is a residential-size, zero-turn mower. While John Deere has plans to offer a full line of battery-powered residential lawn mowers, the Z370R Electric is the first to be released.

How long does it take to mow an acre with a 60 inch zero turn mower? ›

A 60" WB mower at 3.3 mph ground speed can mow one acre of turf in 37 minutes. That equates to about 13 acres in an average 8 hour working day. A Z42 zero-turn riding mower at 6 mph (top speed is 7 mph) can mow one acre of turf in 29 min.

What is the widest cut on a zero turn mower? ›

Featuring a massive 120” cutting width, five 25" flex decks, and zero turn maneuverability, the WZ1000 is the world's largest zero turn mower with the accuracy of five small push mowers.

How many acres can a 60 inch mower cut in an hour? ›

60 inches X 6 mph x 80% / 100 = 2.88 (round to 2.9) acres per hour. I've found this formula to be very useful over the years.

How long will an electric zero-turn mower last? ›

Electric lawn mower last longer than gas mowers.

Depending on use, that's about 10 years and much longer than the lifecycle of a commercial lawn mower engine.

How long do battery powered zero-turn mowers last? ›

Considering lawn mowers tend to sit for months during the wintertime, it's normal to expect a lawn mower battery to last three or four years.

How long do zero turn engines last? ›

The average life expectancy of one of these commercial grade engines is usually 3,500 hours with oil change intervals of 50 hours. Typically at 2,800 you can start to notice a lack in power, usually do to low compression.

Does John Deere have an electric mower? ›

John Deere launched its first fully electric residential zero-turn lawn mower on Tuesday, the Z370R Electric ZTrak calling for an “electric tomorrow.” The electric mower features a 3.2 kWh (3.56 kWh maximum) sealed lithium-ion battery capable of mowing up to two acres per charge.

Does John Deere have electric riding mowers? ›

Yes. Our TE Gators are for sale online and at your local John Deere dealer.

Is John Deere developing an electric riding mower? ›

America's favorite mower maker John Deere has just announced that it's joining the electric revolution and launching a line of battery-powered residential ride-on lawn mowers. Up first is the Z370R Electric ZTrak Mower, a zero-turn ride-on model that promises to give you guilt-free control over your yard.

Does John Deere have an electric zero turn mower? ›

The John Deere electric residential zero turn mower is targeted toward property owners who want to maintain their yard appearance easily with reduced maintenance, simplified use and increased operator comfort due to less noise and vibration while mowing.

Does Exmark make an electric zero turn mower? ›

Zero-turn lawn mower - Exmark Manufacturing - electric / self-propelled.

Does John Deere have zero-turn? ›

John Deere Zero-Turn Mower. Making the most of your mow starts with a heavy duty engine that can do almost anything. Plus when customized with deck options, available MulchControl™ capability, and the ability to turn on a dime—You'll find that a John Deere Zero-Turn mower can save time so you can do you.

What are the disadvantages of an electric lawn mower? ›

  • Expensive.
  • Corded Models have limited reach and can cause a tripping hazard.
  • Electrical problems can occur in wet areas.
  • Cordless models have a shorter runtime.
  • Cannot handle tall or thick areas of grass efficiently.

Is it worth switching to electric mower? ›

For those who take pride in a well-groomed lawn, electric is the way to go. With a battery-powered mower, you never have to change the oil or worry that the gasoline will go bad. Battery models are lightweight (about 20 pounds compared with about 80 pounds for gas-powered) and fold up neatly for storage.

Do electric mowers cut as well as gas? ›

Electric Mowers Tackle the Toughest Jobs ... with Power to Spare! The power story has long favored gas-powered lawn mowers, but the truth is electric motors produce the same blade speed and cut quality as gas mowers – but without loss of efficiency, harmful emissions and maintenance costs.

What is the average life of an electric lawn mower? ›

In terms of engine life, a gas mower will run for 10 years or more, while a battery-powered mower will need to be replaced after about five years, on average.

Do electric mowers last longer than gas mowers? ›

Gas lawn mowers generally have a longer lifespan than electric models and are better suited for tackling larger yards or thicker grass. A little gas also goes a long way and you can refill your tank as needed to get the job done.

What is the life expectancy of an electric lawn mower? ›

If bought new and maintained, most lawn mowers will last between 8 and 10 years. However, homeowners should be prepared to replace the battery in an electric mower after about five years.

Are electric zero turn mowers better than gas? ›

Electric Mowers Tackle the Toughest Jobs ... with Power to Spare! The power story has long favored gas-powered lawn mowers, but the truth is electric motors produce the same blade speed and cut quality as gas mowers – but without loss of efficiency, harmful emissions and maintenance costs.

How often do you need to replace electric lawn mower battery? ›

Typically, a lawn and garden battery should last between three and five years. In order to achieve that, however, it's important to perform regular maintenance. That means keeping the battery free of corrosion and maintaining it with a battery charger during the winter months.

What electric mower lasts an hour? ›

The Ego Power+ Select Cut Mower LM2135SP is a battery-powered, self-propelled mower that can cut grass for about an hour on a single battery charge. Compared with other cordless models, it has a longer run time than most and a faster charge time.

How big of a yard can an electric mower handle? ›

Corded and cordless electric mowers are good for smaller lawns, under 8,000 square feet. That would be the area of a square lawn 90 feet on a side, or a rectangular lawn 65 feet wide and 125 feet long. Electric mowers are particularly suited for slow-growing, cool-climate grasses.

Why are electric riding mowers so expensive? ›

Electric, battery-powered self-propelled mowers tend to be expensive because it takes a very heavy-duty battery to power the self-propelling feature.

Do electric mowers need maintenance? ›

Electric Lawn Mowers are Essentially Maintenance Free

Electric mowers require significantly less maintenance in comparison with gas mowers. Gas mowers need spark plugs, oil changes, fresh gas, and have a pull start that can be tricky to get going.

Why does my electric lawn mower keep dying? ›

Electric lawnmowers may cut out for two main reasons: A faulty power switch or a loose cable connection. An overheating motor can cause the thermal cut out to trip.

Can you leave an electric lawn mower outside? ›

You can store your mower outside in winter, but it isn't ideal. If you must store your lawn mower long-term in your yard, make sure it is elevated, so that it doesn't sit directly on the ground. This will allow air to circulate in order to keep it more dry.

Is it worth buying a zero turn mower? ›

Is it Worth Buying a Zero-Turn Mower? Zero-turn mowers, while clocking in at a higher cost than a riding mower, can mow your lawn faster and more efficiently than a riding mower. While a riding mower has a maximum speed of around 4 MPH, a zero-turn mower can provide you with around 8 MPH.

Are electric mowers powerful enough? ›

Electric mowers are cheaper than gas mowers and are usually powerful enough to tackle most lawns. If you have long, thick grass, or try to cut grass when it's wet, this can overtax a low power electric mower, so choose your mower wisely to meet your needs.


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