12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (2023)

In a game with infinite possibilities, Minecraft's lack of menacing challenges for the player to overcome can be rather disappointing for some. The Ender Dragon isn't a difficult boss, and The Wither can be a challenge but is easily beaten when prepared for. The Warden looks to be something better in this regard as a creature that players aren't supposed to be able to kill, but that's just one creature.

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Those looking for a series of intricate and challenging boss fights will much prefer Terraria's RPG experience. That said, Minecraft has one of the biggest modding scenes in all of gaming, with some incredibly talented people out there making excellent new additions to the game. The creatives behind these mods have sought to fix the Minecraft bosses by adding their own.

Updated on January 12, 2022, by Ryan Woodrow: As the years go by, Minecraft's modding scene grows more and more advanced. With pros and amateurs alike coming together to make mind-blowing stuff. As expected, people continue to seek out their own solution to the boss problem, and as such, the number of Minecraft boss mods out there is ever-growing. Be they a small part of a much bigger mod, or the focal point of what the modder is trying to achieve, there is some incredible variety out there. Whether players are looking for something vanilla-friendly or truly challenging, they will be satisfied by what's on offer.

12 The Conjurer

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (1)

Created By: Modding Legacy

One of the most vanilla-friendly mobs out there, this mod fits nicely with the current array of Illagers in the game. Like the Illusionist, who was coded but never officially added into Minecraft, this boss is a powerful magic user who is sure to mess with the player if they're encountered.

First, a player must find the new structure added by the mod, called the theatre. Inside, there may be a few Illagers enjoying the Conjurer's magic show, but things are sure to turn hostile once the player enters. The boss has several attacks, throwing balls at the player, which must be deflected, and spawning the previously removed Killer Rabbit. He drops his hat when killed which, as well as a fun cosmetic item, will prevent players from getting a Bad Omen when killing Illager patrols.

11 Dark Soul

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (2)

Created By: Pyroplay_twitch

As the name might suggest, this is a mod based on the Dark Souls franchise, which is famous for its fantastic and difficult boss design. While Minecraft may not allow them to reach quite the quality they are in the original; this mod certainly brings a lot of their spirit into Minecraft.

Harder than the game's regular bosses, players will have to learn to avoid attack patterns and find the right time to strike all over again. This mod includes nine bosses, each coming with structures, so players know what they're getting into ahead of time. Additionally, there are biomes, ores, items, and armor/weapon sets on offer.

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10 CyclopsTek

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (3)

Created By: TangoTek

This mod takes the approach of polishing one great boss instead of piling on loads. Players will need to venture out onto a small island, where a cave leads them down into the lair of a challenging foe, the Cyclops. All of its attacks can kill a full-health player if they're not prepared, so be sure to bring potions, Golden Apples, and Totems of Undying to help.

The Cyclops can slam his club down with colossal force, charge at the player, send them flying, or shoot a laser beam from its eye. These attacks are all just slow enough to dodge, but players will need to be alert and on their toes to pull it off. Killing the beast will drop the Cyclops' eye. It can be crafted into a Beacon and placed atop an existing Beacon. This will cause all mobs in the area to glow, allowing them to be seen through walls.

9 AdventureZ

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (4)

Created By: Globox_Z

Putting all the focus on bosses and creatures, there's a lot of cool stuff on offer in AdventureZ. The boss added is the Blackstone Golem, who can be summoned by getting shards when trading with Piglins and building as Blackstone alter. It drops Netherite and Gilded Shards when killed. These allow players to make Gilded Netherite Armor, which causes Piglins to remain passive, even when not wearing gold.

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There are several new Nether mobs too, including a Necromancer, Piglin Brute, and a Soul Reaper, all of which are as terrifying as they sound. There is also an addon mod, VoidZ, which adds The Eye as a boss, summoned using an alter and the Ender Dragon Egg. Killing it will cause the Egg to slowly hatch, giving players a tamed, ridable Ender Dragon.

8 Mowzie's Mobs

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (5)
(Video) Top 10 Minecraft Boss Mods 2022

Created By: Bobmowzie

A buffet of various mobs is on display in this mod, almost all of them looking to eat players for breakfast. There's the Foliaath, a carnivorous jungle plant, or the Barakoah, goblin-like tribal warriors just for starters. The bigger mobs in here are truly terrifying.

Nagas are dragon-like creatures that spit acid at players, which can be used for an antidote potion. The Ferrous Wrougtnaut is a heavily armored knight twice as tall as the player and three times as wide. They also have an axe that hits like several trucks. The most dangerous of these creatures is the Frostmaw, a giant yeti that moves with incredible speed and breath that can freeze players in their tracks.

7 Ice And Fire: Dragons

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (6)

Created By: Alex Khaan

As the name would imply, this mod adds dragons to the game's overworld, more powerful than the Ender Dragon could hope to be. These dragons come in fire and ice flavors, but a lightning dragon has recently been added, summoning electricity to attack players.

The mod adds a whole host of other game-changing hostile mobs too. Sirens entrance players and lure them in before transforming and attacking. Gorgons petrify players who foolishly look into their eyes. There are other mythical creatures in there, too, including some friendly ones like a tamable Hippogryph.

6 Mutant Creatures

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (7)

Created By: Shcott21

This is a pretty old mod, but one that is still just as cool as it was initially. This is a mod that imagines what the most terrifyingly powerful of the game's regular hostile mobs could be. Then it makes them relentlessly attack the player.

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The Mutant Zombie is built like a tank and hits like three. The Mutant Skeleton has a bow that fires like a machine gun. The Mutant Creeper repeatedly detonates itself and can even summon lightning to super-charge its explosions. The Mutant Enderman is horrific. It forces the player to look at it, blinding them. It can throw blocks, teleport wherever the player goes, and even when it dies, it detonates in a jaw-dropping series of explosions.

5 Lycanite's Mobs

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (8)

Created By: Lycanite

Lycanite's is an absolutely insane mob mod that adds over 100 new creatures into the game's various biomes and dimensions. Not to mention weapons, armor, and dungeons with plenty of great-looking building blocks for players to explore. It turns Minecraft into a highly hostile environment only for those seeking a real challenge.

The mod's "mini-bosses" would put the vanilla bosses to shame. For example, the Crimson Epion, which shoots blood-draining leeches at players to kill them slowly. The actual bosses are absolutely massive and utterly terrifying, though. The biggest of these is Rahovart, king of the underworld. With 4000 HP and three phases, even the toughest players will have their work cut out for them.

4 Dungeons Mod

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (9)

Created By: Dainxt

There are plenty of mods out there that have sought to bring a proper dungeon-diving experience to Minecraft. Each has an interesting take on the concept that players will find engaging, but this is the one that adds the most impressive bosses to fight.

For example, there is the Kraken, whose tentacles must be cut off before the beast can be killed. The Crawler has multiple block sections that players must slowly destroy. Then, there's human's greatest enemy, The Sun. The source of all life on Earth, players must construct altars and ice bombs to even be able to damage this boss.

3 Bosses Of Mass Destruction

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (10)
(Video) Top 13 NEW & AMAZING Mods for Forge & Fabric! Dungeons, Mobs, Bosses & More!

Created By: Barribob

This isn't the fanciest of mods on the surface, but it still does a great job. This mod doesn't worry about grand dungeons or other mobs. It focuses solely on creating a small selection of well-refined boss fights that fit seamlessly into Minecraft worlds.


The Night Litch sits atop towers in the cold. The Nether Gaunlet is a classic hand-eye boss in Nether pits. The Obsidilith can be found in rare structures on The End's outer islands. Finally is the newly added Void Blossom, who lives in a chamber in the new lush cave biome.

2 The Twilight Forest

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (11)

Created By: Benimatic

One of Minecraft's most famous mods, The Twilight Forest, has been around since version 1.3 and is still in active development to this day, with compatibility built-in for texture packs and other mods. After creating a portal out of a host of weird ingredients, players will be able to enter a new dimension ready to be explored,

At first, players will venture through the biomes of the new dimension to find the randomly spawning bosses such as the Naga and Twilight Lich. However, they'll quickly grow and find themselves entering Dark Towers and Aurora Palaces to fight bosses such as The Snow Queen or The Hydra.

1 Advent Of Ascension

12 Best Minecraft Mods That Add New Bosses (12)

Created By: Scimiguy

One of the biggest and highest-quality RPG mods for Minecraft, the sheer scale of Advent of Ascension is utterly mind-blowing. 20 new biomes, over 500 new creatures, and, most importantly, 35 new bosses for players to conquer.

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To pick just a small handful from the mod's incredible selection of bosses: Gyro, a clown who flies around in a Gyrocopter. King Shroomus, a colorful mushroom who shoots as fast as he heals. C.R.E.E.P, a horrifically mutated Creeper who shoots explosive projectiles at players. Each one gives its own rewards and goodies to progress players further through this gigantic RPG mod.

Minecraft was released on November 16, 2011, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, and many other platforms.

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