10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (2023)

Here are the best phone tracker apps without permission that you can use to discreetly monitor someone’s phone activity. Whether you’re a parent who wants to keep an eye on their children or just curious about someone’s whereabouts, there are various reasons why you may want to track someone’s phone without their knowledge. However, it’s crucial to use such apps ethically and with good intentions. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top phone tracker apps that don’t require permission to use. These apps will allow you to discreetly monitor your children’s online safety and other activities.

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Monitor your target’s GPS location.
  • Examine deleted text messages
  • Remote installation is possible!
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List of The Phone Tracker Apps without Permission 2023

  • SPY24
  • mSpy
  • EyeZy
  • SpyBubble
  • Cocospy
  • uMobix
  • Hoverwatch
  • GEOfinder
  • KidsGuard Pro

1. SPY24 🏆

SPY24 is a comprehensive phone tracker app that is fully compatible with a range of operating systems, including Mac, Windows, iOS, iPhone, Android, and iPad. It offers an array of powerful features that allow you to monitor your loved ones’ location in real-time and track their activities on their smartphones, such as call history, text messages, installed apps, and more.

One of the key benefits of using SPY24 is its ability to set up geofences, which will alert you when your loved one enters or leaves a particular area. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their children’s safety and ensure they stay within specific locations.

With SPY24’s powerful features and discreet monitoring capabilities, you can stay connected with those who matter most and have peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure. Additionally, SPY24 offers a free demo version for users to experience its advanced features and a 30-day free trial plan to help them get started.

So whether you want to keep track of your children’s location, monitor your employees’ activities, or stay connected with your loved ones, SPY24 is the ideal solution for you. Its compatibility with multiple devices and operating systems ensure that you can monitor any smartphone with ease and convenience.

Here are the compatible operating systems for SPY24:

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • iPad
🏅 Overall Rank 10SPY24
🖥️ Social apps’ screen recording (New)Yes
📍GPS Location: Watch list locations and get instantly notified of updates.Yes
⏲️ Keylogger: Monitor keystrokes from WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber.Yes
💸 Starting Price$4.99 / 1 month
📀 Supported Operating SystemsiPhone, Android, Mac, Windows
📱 Number of Devices1
🎁 Free PlanFree / 1 month
💰 Money-Back GuaranteeYes


SPY24 Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (1)

Android Spy

iPhone Spy

Mac OS Spy

Windows Spy

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Features :

  • It enables you to remotely track sent and received SMS on Android and iOS devices.
  • The app lets you retrieve deleted communications if a backup was created.
  • With a keyword watchlist for text message notifications, you can stay on top of important conversations.
  • It offers comprehensive text monitoring, including SMS, iMessage, and social media chats.
  • Each message is timestamped, and you can use a Keylogger to search for specific terms.
  • You can view the sender’s name and number, as well as the time and date stamps of each message.
  • The app allows you to monitor phone calls and messages, track GPS location, and track email and online activities.
  • You can also access instant messenger chats and remotely control the target device.
  • This app has a unique feature that enables you to record phone calls and surroundings.
  • You can view photos, videos, and calendar entries on the target device.
  • The app has an alert setting feature that lets you know when certain activities occur.
  • This app provides a 30-day free trial and a Premium plan priced at $4.99 per month.

2. mSpy

mSpy is a popular cell phone tracker app that supports both Android 4+ and iOS 11 or later versions. It provides more than 20 convenient features, along with 24/7 customer support in multiple languages. With this app, you can discreetly monitor various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, as well as send, receive, and delete messages in real-time without getting caught. It also operates in stealth mode.

mSpy is an excellent choice for those seeking GPS location tracking and remote monitoring features. Plus, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product.

mSpy Compatibility:

  • iOS non-jailbroken mode requirements:

Internet connection, any iOS device, iCloud credentials, and two-factor authentication should be disabled.

  • iOS jailbroken mode requirements:

iOS version 7+, internet connection, and physical access to the target device.

  • Android requirements:

Android 4.0 or higher, internet connection, and physical access to the target device.

Instant messengers monitoring is only available on rooted devices.


mSpy Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (2)

Features :

  • Operates in background mode
  • Record the screen of the target phone
  • Immediate access to the target phone’s GPS location and routes
  • View incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps and durations
  • Keep track of travel routes
  • Real-time monitoring of all types of internet activity
  • 24/7 tech support is available
  • Does not require jailbreaking or rooting of the target phone
  • Send location updates within a specified time frame

3. EyeZy

eyeZy is a top-notch phone tracking app for parental control, providing a discreet way to view pictures, videos, and apps on the target phone. This app enables you to monitor their phone’s calendar events with details such as name, location, and time without alerting the user. With a neat dashboard and an easy-to-navigate layout, eyeZy shows you all the essential information about the target phone.

This versatile app is compatible with Android, iOS, and iPads. It offers GPS location tracking and remote monitoring, ensuring that you can keep an eye on your child’s activities from afar. In case you’re not satisfied with the product, eyeZy provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.

eyeZy Compatibility:

For iOS devices:

  • The device must be running iOS 7 or higher. For non-jailbroken mode, any iOS version will work.
  • The device must be connected to the internet.
  • The device must be physically accessible to the user.
  • For non-jailbroken mode, you will need the iCloud credentials of the target device for remote installation.
  • Two-factor authentication must be disabled on the target device. If it’s enabled, physical access to the device will be required for installation.

For Android devices:

  • The device must be running Android 4.0 or higher.
  • The “allow installation of apps from unknown sources” option must be turned on.
  • The device must be connected to the internet.
  • Note that for social media monitoring, you will need a rooted Android device.


EyeZy Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (3)

Features :

  • Parental control phone tracking app
  • Discreet viewing of pictures, videos, and apps on the target phone
  • Monitors phone calendar events with details such as name, location, and time
  • Clean dashboard and easy-to-navigate feature layout for essential information about the target phone
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and iPads
  • GPS location tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

4. SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a top-notch phone tracking app that enables real-time monitoring of all the activities taking place on the target device. Once installed on the target device, the app can provide you with its exact GPS location in real-time through its Geofinder feature.

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In addition to this, SpyBubble offers several other tracking capabilities such as monitoring calls, messages, social app activity, and browsing activity on the target device. It also boasts a powerful keylogger that can track every word typed on the device, making it an ideal app for parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s cell phone usage.

SpyBubble Compatibility:

SpyBubble is compatible with Android devices running Android OS 4+, 5+, 6+, or 7.0, and rooting is required for some features. On iOS devices, SpyBubble is compatible with versions 6-8.4, and 9-9.1 with jailbreak, and all versions without jailbreak but with limited functionality.


SpyBubble Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (4)

Features :

  • Call log tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Geofinder
  • Message monitoring
  • Social app tracking

5. Cocospy

Cocospy is a phone tracking application that can track an Android or iOS device without the device owner’s knowledge. The powerful stealth mode provides 100% invisibility to track phone activity without any suspicion. To use Cocospy, you need to create an account, obtain the target device, and install the app. Once installed, you can log in to your Cocospy account to start tracking the target device.

Cocospy allows you to track all incoming and outgoing calls, read text messages, monitor browser activity and read WhatsApp conversations. One of its most admired features is the geofencing feature, which sends alerts when the target device crosses a predefined area.

Cocospy Compatibility:

  • Compatible with all iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 or higher.
  • Compatible with all Android phones and tablets running Android 4 or higher.
  • No need to root or jailbreak the target device for basic monitoring.
  • The web-based solution works with all operating systems and browsers.
  • Supports multiple languages for a global audience.
  • Works with all mobile network operators.


Cocospy Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (5)

Features :

  • Call tracking
  • SMS reading
  • Geofence alert
  • Social media monitoring
  • SIM location tracking

6. uMobix

uMobix is a phone tracker app that allows users to track various activities on the target phone, including phone calls, SMS messaging, GPS locations, web history, social media, and more. This app provides real-time access to the target device and enables users to take screenshots. uMobix is a phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission and updates its dashboard data every five minutes, which helps users to monitor the targeted phone activities in real-time.

uMobix Compatibility:

uMobix is compatible with all Android OS 4+ devices, as well as iPhones and iPads.


uMobix Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (6)

Features :

  • Quick connection to the target device in 5 minutes
  • Phone tracking for lost or stolen phones
  • Live phone call tracking
  • Real-time location tracking with a history of visited places
  • Child monitoring during family trips

7. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is a cutting-edge phone tracker app that lets you keep tabs on all smartphone activity while maintaining complete stealth mode, so you won’t be detected. This app is capable of tracking up to five devices simultaneously, making it ideal for businesses or families with multiple devices.

With Hoverwatch, you can leverage GPS, mobile phone towers, and Wi-Fi to accurately pinpoint the location of the device you’re monitoring. It also allows you to access a variety of other features, including the monitored device’s contact list, calendar entries, to-do lists, and notes.

In addition, Hoverwatch’s advanced functionality lets you automatically take screenshots on the monitored device and even snap photos remotely using its camera (rooted version only). You can also set up geofences and receive alerts for SIM card changes.

Another impressive feature is that Hoverwatch captures photos using the front camera automatically every time a targeted phone is unlocked. Additionally, it enables you to record calls, monitor social media and instant messaging apps, and track internet browsing history.

Hoverwatch Compatibility:

  • The target device must be connected to the internet.
  • Android version 4+, Windows 10+, or Mac OS 10.15+.
  • Access to the target device is required for installation.


Hoverwatch Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (7)

Features :

  • GPS location tracking
  • Internet history monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Automatic screenshot capture
  • Social media and IM app monitoring
  • Geofencing and SIM change alerts
  • Front camera photo capture
  • Contact, calendar, to-do list, and notes access
  • Invisible installation on the target device
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • No jailbreak is required for iOS devices
  • A 3-day free trial is available.


XNSPY is an effective SMS tracking app that allows users to control and track various phone data, including text messages, call logs, iMessage conversations, and instant messenger chats. It has a powerful set of features for Android users, such as surround voice recording and complex remote device control. With XNSPY, users can capture live phone screen data and track messaging apps and social media activities, making it a comprehensive and reliable monitoring solution.

XNSPY Compatibility:

Xnspy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Android Devices:

  • Physical access to the target device is necessary to install Xnspy.
  • Android OS 4.0 and up.
  • Some features may require rooting.

iOS Devices:

  • Jailbroken phones running on iOS 6 and above.
  • Devices running on iOS 6 and higher.
  • If iCloud credentials of the target device are not available, physical access to the device is necessary.


XNSPY Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (8)

Features :

  • Complete text message tracking and history
  • Remote monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Support for a wide range of social media and instant messaging apps
  • Live data capture from the phone’s screen
  • Monitoring of downloaded media such as photos and videos
  • Tracking of all messaging apps
  • Surround recording to listen in to the device’s surroundings.

9. GEOfinder

GEOfinder is an exceptional phone tracking app that uses advanced technology to locate any mobile number on a map, regardless of the mobile network. It’s a reliable and efficient app that offers accurate location tracking of any phone with just a few simple steps. With GEOfinder, you can easily specify a sender name and SMS content to receive information about the device’s location.

What’s more, GEOfinder is incredibly versatile and runs on all phones, regardless of the brand or configuration. This web-based service is user-friendly and allows you to track the location of any device via phone number.

The app is equipped with a wide range of features that make it an excellent tool for tracking and monitoring the location of any device. With GEOfinder, you can send unlimited geo-location requests and receive detailed locations on the map. The app is a reliable and efficient solution for anyone who wants to stay on top of their loved one’s whereabouts or track lost or stolen devices.

GEOfinder Compatibility:

GEOfinder is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.


GEOfinder Reviews

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10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (9)

Features :

  • Works with all mobile network operators
  • Can track the targeted phone location by phone number
  • Helps you to customize the message you want the recipient to receive
  • Offers unlimited geo-location requests
  • Provides detailed locations on the map
  • Allows you to send unlimited geo-location requests

10. KidsGuard Pro

The KidsGuard Pro App by ClevGuard operates as a mobile tracker app by discreetly gathering information from your child’s phone, such as photos and videos, app activities, GPS locations, text messages, call logs and recordings. Once installed on the target device, the app runs in the background, continuously monitoring and recording all activities on the device, creating a separate log of everything.

This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices with a minimum version of Android 4.0+ or iOS 9.0 or higher, and even works without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. With features like location tracking, remote control, social app monitoring, call logging, SMS monitoring, web browser activity monitoring, and media file access, KidsGuard Pro provides a comprehensive mobile tracking solution for parents.

KidsGuard Pro compatibility:

  • Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher
  • iOS: iOS 9.0 or higher
  • Windows: Windows 10

It’s worth mentioning that KidsGuard Pro doesn’t require your phone to be rooted/jailbroken for it to work. This means that it’s compatible regardless of whether your kids are Android or iOS users.


KidsGuard Pro Reviews

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (10)

Features :

  • Location Tracking: The app allows you to track the real-time location of your child’s device, along with the location history.
  • Remote Control: With this feature, you can remotely control your child’s device by locking or unlocking it, taking screenshots, or wiping data in case of theft.
  • Social Apps Monitoring: The app allows you to monitor the social media activities of your child, including the messages and media files shared on popular social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat.
  • Call Logging: KidsGuard Pro enables you to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing calls made from your child’s device, along with the duration and timestamps.
  • SMS Monitoring: You can monitor the text messages sent and received on your child’s device, including deleted messages.
  • Web Browser Activity Monitoring: The app enables you to monitor the browsing history of your child’s device, including the URLs visited, bookmarks, and download history.
  • Media Files Access: With this feature, you can access all the photos and videos stored on your child’s device, including the ones that are deleted.

How to Set Up SPY24 to Track a Mobile Phone?

  • Sign up for SPY24: Visit the SPY24 website and choose a monthly or yearly plan. Specify whether you want to monitor an Android or iOS device and provide your email address. Purchase a plan using a credit or debit card and you will receive SPY24’s software in your email.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (11)

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (12)

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (13)

  • Install SPY24: Once you receive the software, install it on the mobile phone you want to track. Log in to SPY24 to activate the app and follow the installation process. Make sure to grant all necessary permissions during installation so that SPY24 can access all messaging apps on the phone.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (14)

  • Start Tracking: Once SPY24 is set up, it will start tracking the mobile phone automatically. Simply log in to SPY24’s website to access the dashboard and view all the tracked data.

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24 (15)

Expert Tips for Choosing the Best Phone Tracker App without Permission

  • Ensure that the app you’re interested in is compatible with your phone. Not all tracking apps work with all types of phones, so it’s important to verify compatibility.
  • Check out reviews from other users to gain insight into their experience with the app. This can provide valuable information on what has worked well for others and what hasn’t.
  • Take into account your privacy requirements. If privacy is a concern, make sure to select an app that doesn’t require permissions that make you feel uneasy.
  • Compare the pricing and features of different apps to identify the best value. It’s important to consider both the cost and the features offered by each app when comparing options.

Pros & Cons of Phone Tracker Apps

Before you decide to use a phone tracker app, it is important to consider the pros and cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Useful for tracking lost or stolen devices
  • Can help monitor children’s activities
  • Can help monitor employees’ activities


  • Can invade users’ privacy
  • Can be used for malicious purposes
  • Can be expensive
  • Can be difficult to install
  • Can require rooting or jailbreaking

Table of Contents


What Is The Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission?

SPY24 is one of the best phone tracker apps that can be installed on any Android or iPhone device without the user’s knowledge or permission.

Are Apps That Track Phone Activity Legal?

In most cases, these apps are legal. However, using an app to track someone’s location without their consent could be considered stalking. If you’re an employer requiring employees to use a tracking app to monitor work hours, you may be violating labor laws.

Can A Phone Be Tracked Without Physical Access?

In some cases, yes. Non-jailbreak software can be installed remotely, but all Android phones require physical tracking software installation. To track an iPhone without jailbreaking it, the phone must be synced with iCloud.

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Can I Use a Free Phone Tracker App?

Yes, there are free phone tracker apps available, but it’s important to be cautious as some of them may be scams or even dangerous. Keep in mind that these free options often come with limited features, and you may be sacrificing the security and privacy of your data in exchange for cost savings. It’s important to do your research and carefully read reviews before choosing a free phone tracker app to ensure that it’s trustworthy and safe to use.

Final Thoughts

Here are our top picks for the 10 best phone tracking apps that can help you keep tabs on your loved ones and ensure their safety. When selecting an app, it’s important to consider your specific requirements and budget to find the best fit for you.

Out of all the available options, we highly recommend SPY24 and mSpy for their comprehensive features. These apps allow you to easily access your target’s photos, videos, and exact location in real-time. Moreover, they offer a variety of additional features that make them an excellent choice for anyone looking to monitor their loved ones.


10 Best Phone Tracker Apps without Permission in 2023 - SPY24? ›

With Cocospy, you get a phone tracking app that will track an Android or iOS device without the knowledge of the device owner. Cocospy is able to do so because of its powerful stealth mode, which lends you 100% invisibility to snoop in and track cell phone activity without suspicion.

How can I track my partners phone without permission for free? ›

With Cocospy, you get a phone tracking app that will track an Android or iOS device without the knowledge of the device owner. Cocospy is able to do so because of its powerful stealth mode, which lends you 100% invisibility to snoop in and track cell phone activity without suspicion.

Can I track a cell phone with just a number? ›

You no longer have to approach a mobile network provider to track someone. Instead, you can track a cell phone location by its number with the help of a cell phone tracking application.

What is the best location tracker app without permission? ›

BEST Phone Tracker App without Permission
NameKey FeaturesCompatibility
uMobixPrecise Location TrackingAndroid and iOS
HoverwatchUses WiFi signals, cell towers, and GPS to track locationWindows, Mac, Android, iOS
Scannero.ioWorks on all phone typesAndroid and iOS
2 more rows

How can I track someones phone without their consent? ›

Following are the Best Apps to track someone by cell phone number without them knowing:
  1. mSpy – Best for Android & iOS Devices.
  2. uMobix – Best for Kid's Social Media Monitoring & Tracking.
  3. ClevGuard – Best Overall.
  4. Hoverwatch – Best for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  5. FlexiSpy – Best for Employee Monitoring.
Feb 11, 2023

How can I see other phones activity on my phone? ›

To view other kinds of activity that are saved to your account:
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google Manage your Google Account.
  2. At the top, tap Data & privacy.
  3. Under "History settings," tap My Activity.
  4. Above your activity, in the search bar, tap More Other Google Activity.

How can I track someones phone calls and messages for free? ›

PanSpy, iKeyMonitor, and mSpy apps are excellent examples of these apps. Phone tracking apps gather GPS location, text messages, call logs, and other sensitive data from the target phone and store it on the server. You can then log in to your account to view the tracking data.

Can a cell phone be tracked without location in? ›

The answer is yes, it's possible to track mobile phones even if location services are turned off. Turning off the location service on your phone can help conceal your location. This is important if you don't want third parties knowing where you are or being able to track your movement.

Can someone track a phone without a SIM card? ›

It's not just users of iOS who are wondering can you track a phone with no SIM card. If they're on Android, you want to be able to track them with ease. Thankfully, Google Find My Device lets you do just that. The app works the same way as Apple's Find My, except it's not baked into all Android phones.

How can you find the location of a phone number for free? ›

You can use Spokeo or a Live GPS search service to track a phone number. You can even do a CNAM lookup to trace a mobile number. Spokeo is a powerful tool that allows you to search for the location of a phone number. Using Spokeo, you can find the name of the owner of the number and other information.

What is Turbo Spy? ›

About TurboSpy

Keep your children safe while on their phones and employees productive on their company-issued devices with the Turbo Spy & Monitoring App. View texts, GPS location, emails, photos, videos, social media messages, and more from an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad.

How does Spylix work? ›

Spylix is different. It works in hidden mode, so they'll never know you're monitoring them. And it does so without slowing down their device. The app is in good company with Eyezy, which features advanced technology that hides traces of the app on their phone and keeps their device running smoothly.

Does Eyezy really work? ›

Whether they use iPhone or Android, Eyezy has you covered. And once it's installed, you'll have the power to access their phone's content. Think of Eyezy is a backdoor to their digital world. Just head to your Eyezy account and you'll be able to see everything that's happening on their phone without being noticed.

How do you use Eyezy? ›

3 easy steps to get started
  1. Pick your membership. We've got plans for every need. ...
  2. Install Eyezy. Our Friendly Installer will show you everything you need to do to get started. ...
  3. Dig out the info. Log in to your Eyezy Dashboard and discover the truth about those you care about the most.

How can I find the exact location of a mobile number? ›

Download and use an IMEI tracker app to track the phone ( alternatively, use a browser to access a web-based IMEI tracker service).
Alternative Methods to Track Someone's Location by Cell Mobile Number
  1. Find Localize website.
  2. Follow the steps and create an account.
  3. Enter your targets Mobile Number.
  4. Start monitoring.
Oct 14, 2022

What does ## 002 do? ›

##002# - If your voice call or data call, or SMS call has been forwarded, dialling this USSD code will erase them. *#21# - By dialling this USSD code, you would get to know if your calls have been diverted somewhere else or not.

Is there an app that can mirror another phone? ›

If you're looking for a simple way to share or mirror your Android phone's screen with this Android phone, consider using the AirDroid Cast app. This powerful little app allows you to easily connect two Android devices and share whatever is on your phone's screen—including videos, photos, games, and more—in real time.

Is there a free app that tracks phone activity on another phone? ›


One of the standout features of Hoverwatch is its ability to track phone history, including call logs, contacts, and text messages. This feature allows you to view incoming and outgoing calls, texts, and contacts saved on the target phone.

Can two cell phones receive the same incoming call? ›

What is simultaneous ring and how does it work? Simultaneous ring is a function where a single incoming call can reach multiple devices at the same time and ring several devices simultaneously. These devices can vary, from PBX or desk phones to mobile phones and even computers (thanks to VoIP technology).

Can someone listen to my phone calls without me knowing? ›

Therefore it's natural to wonder “can this happen to me?”. The truth is, yes. Someone can listen to your phone calls, if they have the right tools and they know how to use them – which when all is said and done, isn't anywhere near as difficult as you might expect.

Can a cell phone IP address be traced? ›

Can Someone Else Trace My IP Address? Yes. In the same way that you can track other people's IP addresses, they can track the IP addresses for your devices. Obviously, this is a privacy concern for some people, so if you want to hide your IP address information, you should use a virtual private network (VPN).

Can you track a phone without Wi-Fi or SIM card? ›

The answer to that is a simple yes! All phones, whether an iPhone or an android, can be tracked down without a sim card or network. Still, they will need to have a secure Wi-Fi connection to be accurate.

Can phone be tracked without SIM or Wi-Fi? ›

As your mobile is continuously connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, it can send its location signals through GPS. There are many apps and settings which require sending your location. This concludes that you can effortlessly track a mobile location without the need for a SIM card.

Can a Wi-Fi connection be traced? ›

Yes, depending on the router, the Wi-Fi owner could look up your browsing history through the router's admin panel. They could check the router logs to see connected devices, timestamps, sources, and IP addresses, but not necessarily specific URLs.

How to find someone's location by cell phone number using Google Maps free? ›

3. How to Track a Cell Phone Number on Google Map Free? Using Google Maps' "Find My Device" feature, you can locate their Android phone if you have their phone number. By doing so, you'll be able to see their current and past locations they've visited.

Which software act as a spy? ›

Spyware (a portmanteau for spying software) is software with malicious behaviour that aims to gather information about a person or organization and send it to another entity in a way that harms the user—for example, by violating their privacy or endangering their device's security.

How does the SpyBubble work? ›

Monitoring-Tool:Android/SpyBubble. A monitors incoming and outgoing phone calls and SMS messages, as well as the contact information of other parties. It can also monitor added photos, visited URLs, and the GPS location of the phone. All this information may be uploaded to a remote server.

What can spy apps see? ›

Spyware is software that secretly infects your computer to monitor and report on your activity and provide information to a third party. It might track websites you visit, files you download, your location (if you're on a smartphone), your emails, contacts, payment information or even passwords to your accounts.

How does Copymydata work? ›

Using Copy My Data is actually quite easy. All you have to do is download the app on your iPhone and on your Android device, make sure they're both signed into the same account, and select the data to transfer over.

Is Turbo Spy free? ›

Turbo Spy & Monitoring App for Android or iPhone Basic Plan: $29.99 One-Time Payment Turbo Spy & Mon... Pricing Model: Yes, has free trial. No free version.

Does mSpy have a free trial? ›

How to get an mSpy Free Trial. Unlike other spying applications, mSpy does not offer services free for just seven days. Instead, it offers a fourteen days risk-free probation period.

How do I set a mock location? ›

Enable Mock Location on Android: A How-To Guide
  1. Go to your “Settings”, “Systems”, “About Device” and tap multiple times on “Build number” and activate the Developer Mode. ...
  2. In the “Developer Options” menu, scroll down to “Debugging” and activate the “Allow mock locations”.

How do you tell if someone is spoofing their location? ›

There are no foolproof ways to determine if your child is faking their location with an app. You could check the install history on their phone to see if they've downloaded a GPS faking app.

How do I set a fake location without mock location? ›

The best way to fake GPS on Android without mock location or root is using Location Spoofer. It changes your current location to any undetectable fake GPS in the world at a customized speed and route on Android and iOS devices and works for many location-based apps such as AR games, social platforms, etc.

How do I track someone on Google Maps without them knowing? ›

Method 1: How to Find Someone Location on Google Maps without them knowing using MSpy. mSPy is one of the best location tracker tools that help you track the real-time location of the targeted device on a detailed map. You can have a detailed list of places where the target has been with the GPS coordinates and time.

Is there a free app to track my husband phone? ›

uMobix is a mobile spying app for mobile devices compatible with iOS and Android. It helps you track various target phone activities like phone calls, GPS location, web messenger activity, social media, etc. This app to spy on spouse's phone for free offers easy access to the target device in real-time.

How can I track a cell phone location without installing software for free? ›

Another Google Solution - Google Maps Timeline. This is another program you can use to monitor and track a cell phone location without having to install a program on the target device. Google Maps Timeline will show where someone has visited including the time for the visit.

How to find someone's location by cell phone number using Google Maps? ›

Can I find someone's location using their phone number on Google...
  1. On your smartphone, open the Google Maps app.
  2. Tap on your profile picture or initial Account Circle and then go to the option 'Location sharing'
  3. Tap on the profile of the person whose location you want to find.
Mar 27, 2023

Can you GPS track someone without their knowledge? ›

In six states (California, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Virginia) laws more broadly prohibit the use of electronic tracking devices, not just on vehicles, and not just in the context of stalking, but when they are used to determine the location or movement of a person without consent.

Can I track the location of a cell phone for free? ›

Google Find My Device is a free phone tracking application. The app lets you track any device on your Android phone. You can set a password to secure the data. Also, the app supports remote lock and erase features.

How do you track a cheating spouse without them knowing? ›

Tracki GPS Spouse Tracker – Best Coverage

Tracki GPS tracker is one of the good options, when you are looking to buy an affordable tracker, to confront a cheating spouse. Tracki GPS is a mini waterproof GPS tracker with a magnet mount designed to hide anywhere without getting noticed easily.

Can you track someones phone without an app? ›

Another popular method is to use a cell phone tracking website. These websites use the phone's IMEI number to track its location, so you can use them to track any phone (including iPhones and Androids). You'll need to find the phone's IMEI number to use a cell phone tracking website.

How do you use Turbo Spy? ›

Open the link you texted or emailed on the target smartphone. Follow the on-screen prompts, like entering your provided product license key. Log onto your Turbo control panel to ensure the Android phone is properly connected and the data is being retrieved. Then, you can spy on the phone without having it.


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